8 Arm Exercises You’ve NEVER Done (NEW GAINS!)

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.com. So let me ask you a question. What if you’ve been doing a lot of barbell
curls, maybe even concentration curls, dips, or tricep extensions, and you’re still not
seeing the arm gains that you want? It might be time to switch things up. Not just for the sake of change, but more
importantly because our muscles can sometimes respond a lot better to new challenges and
different exercises that we never thought they could. I’m going to give you eight arm exercises
here to try – if you’ve never tried them before – that can do just that. I’m going to give you four bodyweight versions,
and four weighted version to give you plenty of options to start to spark those arm gains
all over again. Let’s start with the weighted version. I’m going to give you two curls, and two pushdown
variations. Let’s start with the curl. This is call the incline eccentric curl. Now I’m a big fan of eccentric muscle contraction
when it comes to trying to build new muscle. A lot of times we skip this part. In this exercise, though, you can’t however,
because it’s the focus of what we’re doing. You’re going to use a bench here, set at an
inclined angle, and perform your curls as you sit up. We know that it’s easier to do a seated curl
than it is going to be doing an incline curl because our biceps have to go through less
of an excursions here to get into the final, contracted position. However, at that point you’re going to sit
back and let the eccentric go through that longer excursion. So you elongate the time that your muscles
are under eccentric tension. That is going to help you spark all new gains,
if you haven’t felt this before, by taking advantage of the change in angle of the bench. Next, let’s go over to the triceps, and we’re
talking about our first pushdown variation. This is a rowing pushdown. You might be thinking “Why do I want to row
if I’m trying to work my triceps?” Because it’s what the row does to put extra
tension on the triceps. So I step far away from the machine to allow
my arms to start in front of my body, I can then row to where my elbows are at the level
of my chest. From here, I want to push down. You can see that I have to do is, I have to
extend through the spine in order to do that. I have to get my arms back, behind my body. So I get a good contraction of the longhead
of the triceps. But also, because of the angle here, the cable
is actually perpendicular to my forearms, which we know will provide a peak contraction
– a tension in the contracted position – which makes this even more difficult. Remember guys, difficult is usually a good
thing when it comes to building muscle. So try the rowing pushdown and I promise you,
you’ll feel the difference immediately. Especially if all of your pushdowns have been
of the standard variety, right up underneath the rope, and pushing straight down. Now, let’s flip back over to the biceps again,
and this time it’s the cable elevator curl. Here, we’re implementing the biceps master
tip, where we talked about before, bending the wrists back when you perform a curl. Why? Because we want to minimize the contribution
of the forearm as we pull up on the weight. We know that the forearms want to get involved,
but we don’t want that to happen. So what we’ll do is, we’ll keep our hands
flat, and perpendicular to the sky. Throughout the entire exercise – you can
see as I lift up, I’m basically holding two plates in my hands. I’m like a waiter serving up two plates. You don’t want to let them tilt. That’s having the effect of minimizing the
forearms, but it’s also allowing – as we raise the arm up – shoulder flexion, and
shoulder flexion is a key component of a complete bicep contraction. We want to have a supinated position, we want
to have elbows flexed, and we want to have those shoulders flexed at the very top of
the range of motion. The elevator curl will do all three in one
shot. For our final weighted exercise option here,
is back to the triceps and the pushdowns again, but this time we do a rotational pushdown. This is one I love so much that we actually
incorporated it into our ATHLEANX program from the very beginning. That is, the rotational pushdown is a much
more athletic version of a push down. We realized that just going straight up and
down is not the best we can do if we’re trying to be a little more explosive, and athletic
through our entire body. And because the pushdown is a ground based
movement we can allow ourselves to become more powerful, and explosive with it. Instead of just going up and down, let’s start
getting some rotation into this, and start driving, and pivoting off the foot that then
allows us to get our arms, and our core working together. Now, we’re not compromising the tricep development
at all. As a matter of fact, we’re enhancing it. You can see, in order to rotate one of my
arms – the lead arm – the direction I’m rotating in will go back, behind my body. It will cross midline. We’ve talked before about the ability to cross
midline and get behind your body, and it’s going to fully contract the longhead of the
tricep. That’s something we tend to ignore, especially
if we’re only doing pushdowns out in front of our body. Guys, don’t hesitate to give this one a
try, and don’t be surprised if you have to add some more weight to that stack. As you’ve got more muscles working together
here, it’s going to allow you to start pushing some heavier weights, and get better, overall
gains for those triceps in the long run. Now, because I know that everybody doesn’t
work out in the gym, I want to give you four bodyweight options no less effective than
the four weighted option, to also give you some ways to spark new arm gains. It starts right here, with a variation of
an exercise I have given you before called the inverted chin curl. This is one of my favorite ways to train the
biceps because we get all the elements we talked about before with the elbows and arms
flexed in front of our body. But we can do better than this. We can do better with the pendulum inverted
curl. With the pendulum inverted curl, look at the
action of our body here. What we’re doing is, we’re allowing our body
to swing, but all the initiation of the curl is happening from the biceps. As we come forward we get all the way up to
the top, we can see, by ducking my head under I’ve created more flexion at the shoulder. So I’ve got a stronger contraction, and to
ensure that I got up here with my muscles, and not just by momentum, I demand that you
hold the contraction here for a split second before going back down again. Of course, you don’t need to have a straight
bar to do this exercise. You can take a broomstick over the back of
two pieces of furniture, or whatever you would do a traditional inverted row on will work
for this one just fine as well. Okay, next up I actually have a confession
to make about this exercise. That is: if you’ve done my ATHLEAN-0 program
– our bodyweight only program – then you’ve already done this exercise. But if you have not, then this is definitely
going to be new to you. It’s the pounding tricep trunk lift. Now, what you’re doing is you get on your
back here, you’re going to use your hands from across your stomach, and then pound them
out, onto the floor. When you do, you want to push through your
hands by extending your elbows, and using all the work of the triceps. It’s using a lot of the same concept of the
rowing pushdown, and it’s letting your back, and your triceps work together. Knowing, again, that the longhead of the triceps
will extend the arm back, behind your body, and therefore work in concert with the other
muscles of your back, we’re allowing ourselves to do this. But we never really had a bodyweight option
until now. This is definitely an intense exercise because
you can manipulate how hard it is, depending upon how high your butt is, or is not off
the ground. If you keep it on the ground that is your
easier version. If you lift it off the ground then it becomes
even harder. Regardless of where your ability level is
though, the exercise, and what it provides your triceps, is there to give you a new stimulus
for growth. Finally, we have our last two exercises here
that you’re going to be able to use nothing but your own surroundings. In this case, a wall, and in the next case
a doorway. As far as the wall goes we can work our triceps
really well here, especially the lateral head of the triceps, with our wide elbow wall pushups. What you do is, you face the wall, and you
stack your hands, one on top of the next at an angle that you can handle. The taller and steeper your body is to the
wall, the easier the exercise will be. I’m at the angle that I can handle here, and
this is even a challenge for me. What I do is, I lower myself down nice, and
slow until my forearms are completely flat against the wall. From here, I’m pushing out, into my hands,
extending my elbows, and really working the triceps until I get all the way back out,
straight-armed again. Then I go back, and I repeat. Again, it looks pretty damn easy, but it’s
not. So angle your body appropriately, and be prepared
for a pretty intense challenge. And finally, the craziest of them all – but
I promise you, one that actually works – and we’re using a doorway to perform our bicep
curls. Trust me, we are. If you look at this you’re going to say to
yourself “Wow! That looks pretty goofy.” But remember, you have the option of doing
this at home because you are using just a doorway. If you’re in the gym you could go back to
doing your regular dumbbell curls. However, here I will tell you, don’t underestimate
how effective this can be. What you want to do is, you want to step your
feet around the door frame, as I’m showing you here. Then lean your body away. You want to establish as far of a lean as
you can – dictated, again, by the length of your arm, and how close your feet are able
to be positioned next to the wall. Now from here, you initiate a curl by pulling
your whole body in. Yes, as you come up, rotate your body in as
well. You’re going o get some crossover action here
so your chest will work as well, but when you get to the very top, you hold, and you’ll
have a really intense peak contraction of your bicep. We’re obviously handling a portion of your
bodyweight here. So this becomes a difficult exercise for some
people, depending upon how heavy they are. But this is a great option when you realize
that there are not really a lot of ways to work your body, especially if you don’t
have a pullup bar, if you’re training at home. This is one way that will do that, especially
if it’s something you’ve never tried before. It gives you a new option. Remember guys, the staple exercises have become
staple exercises because they’ve allowed a lot of people to see success with them. But what if your results have stopped coming
using them? It’s time to look for other options. I just gave you eight more to do just that. If you’re looking for unlimited options on
how to build your body by putting the science back in strength, all of our programs do that. They’re all available over here, at ATHLEANX.com. If you haven’t already, guys, make sure you
subscribe to our channel by clicking on the ‘subscribe’ link here, and turning on your
notifications. Of course, you want to catch our latest video? You can do that right up here, too. All right, guys. I’ll be back here again soon. See you.

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    Bodyweight Variations:
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