7 Most Effective Private Military Companies (PMCs)

From rescue operations to high-stake interventions,
here are the 7 most effective private military companies Number 7 Northbridge Services Group
Northbridge Services Group is a company based in the Dominican Republic with branches in
Ukraine and the United Kingdom. Northbridge has assisted law enforcement in
operations involving terrorism, organized crime and drug trafficking. Staffed with former members of the British
military as well as ex-operatives from the armies of the US, France and South Africa. Northbridge gained attention in 2003, when
it conducted a rescue operation of 25 oil workers who’d spent two weeks as hostages
on Nigerian oil rigs. That same year Northbridge offered to kidnap
disgraced Liberian President Charles Taylor, who’d been granted asylum in Nigeria at
the time. The fee for the service was placed at $4 million. The offer was declined and the company was
subsequently investigated by the FBI. Number 6 Securitas AB
This Stockholm-based security group employs over 300,000 people in over 50 countries around
the world. Securitas AB’s range of services includes
consulting, monitoring, investigation as well as mobile patrolling and security guarding. For its armored transit services the company
uses special safe vehicles as well as a fleet of bulletproof SUV’s. Founded in 1934, it currently consists of
three chief departments: Security Services North America, Security Services Europe and
Security Services Ibero-America. While the company currently generates billions
in revenue, a depot it operated in 2006, in Tonbridge, Kent, was hit by the largest cash
robbery in British history. A coordinated attack targeted the depot’s
manager and his family, who were abducted and threatened. The robbers also tied up 14 staff members
and made off with the equivalent of over $66 million in cash from the depot. Quiz Question
Before we continue with our list, it’s time for our quiz question. Where does the “Securitas” name come from? a. Roman Goddess
b. Type of armor
c. Ancient Secret Service
d. Fortification
Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned to find out the
right answer. Number 5 Aegis Defense Services
In May 2011, Aegis Defense Services and several other companies replaced the US military’s
air and ground operations in Baghdad, following its retreat from the region. That same year, Aegis received a contract
worth almost half a billion dollars for security services at the US Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan. Aegis Defense Services was under contract
to the US Department of Defense to assist with the reconstruction program in Iraq. In this capacity the company facilitated intelligence
sharing between reconstruction contractors and security forces and maintained active
awareness of all security operations. Threats that reconstruction workers in Iraq
routinely had to face include armed vandalism, bombings, attacks and murders. At least 1,395 workers on US-funded projects
reportedly lost their lives between 2003 and 2009. Like other companies on this list, Aegis is
no stranger to controversy. In October, 2005, a video emerged of private
military contractors firing upon civilian vehicles in Baghdad apparently with no discernible
cause. Aegis wouldn’t confirm that its contractors
were involved but the man who posted the troubling video was a disgruntled former Aegis employee. Number 4 Triple Canopy
Triple Canopy was founded in May 2003 by former US Special Forces and Delta operators. In 2014, the company merged with long-time
rival Academi to form the Constellis Group. Prior to the merger it employed over 5,000
people and boasted former Rangers, SEALs, MARSOC Critical Skills Operators and other
highly-trained personnel. Triple Canopy is best known for its security
services to the transitional government in Iraq, following the US invasion of the country. The company’s routinely active in war zones,
which can lead to fatalities. A bomb attack in 2005, in Basra, Iraq, claimed
the lives of four Triple Canopy team members along with 13 others. Three operatives were killed in July 2010,
following a rocket attack on Baghdad’s heavily fortified Green Zone. Number 3 DynCorp
DynCorp started out as an aviation company before expanding to include security, intelligence
training and other services. It has incorporated aviation into its private
security operations and offers air support to eliminate terrorism, strengthen law enforcement
and reduce drug trafficking. Most of its revenue, which amounts to several
billion US dollars, stems from contracts with the US federal governments. DynCorp has been extremely prolific in securing
defence contracts and has assisted the US military in a number of engagements, including
Kosovo, Kuwait, Bosnia, Bolivia, Columbia, Somalia and others. It also provided security for Afghanistan’s
interim president, Hamid Karzai and training to police forces in both Iraq and Afghanistan. For all its extensive field of operations,
DynCorp has also been involved in several scandals. A particularly notorious incident involved
child sex trafficking in Bosnia. In June, 2000, a special division of the FBI
investigated the incident and DynCorp fired 5 employees who had a history of similar illegal
activities. Quiz Answer
So, where does the Securitas name come from? Founded just a few years prior to WWII, Securitas
AB was named after a, the Roman goddess of security and stability. The three dots on its logo are meant to represent
the company’s core values of “Integrity, Vigilance and Helpfulness”. Number 2 G4S
Currently based in London, G4S was created in 2004 through the merger of the British
company Securicor and the Danish company 4 Falck. G4S describes itself as “the world’s leading
global security and outsourcing group”. It’s a description that seems to fit, considering
that it employs over 570,000 people and generates close to $10 billion in revenue. G4S is one of the largest private employers
in the world, with operations in more than 90 countries. Its core services include monitoring and response,
security systems, manned security as well as risk management and consulting services. One of the most interesting aspects about
G4S is that it’s believed to be the company guarding Homey Airport, the secret United
States Air Force Base, in the Nevada desert. The perimeter is better known to the world
as Area 51. While there’s no official position on which
company is guarding the base, leaked information widely suggests that company to be G4S. Therefore, if the Internet meme of “storming
Area 51” does become a reality then those trespassing would have to deal with highly-trained
G4S personnel. Number 1 Academi
Formerly known as Blackwater, this American private military company was founded in 1997
by retired NAVY Seal officer Erik Prince. Academi’s main source of income are contracts
with the US government and its fighters have taken part in the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. One of the company’s first assignments was
protecting CIA headquarters and an additional base that was tasked with the Osama Bin Laden
manhunt. For this contract, Academi provided 20 men
who were given top secret clearance. In August 2003, Academi received its first
Iraq contract, worth an estimated $21 million. Its task was protecting Paul Bremer, head
of the US occupation in Iraq. What followed was a 2-year umbrella contract
with the State Department which earned it around $488 million. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Academi
dispatched a rescue team and a helicopter, free of charge, to assist with relief operations. Academi currently owns the largest training
facility in the US, a 7,000-acre property in North Carolina. Historically, the company has been as effective
as it’s been controversial. Back when it was known as Blackwater, some
of its employees were convicted in a scandal which involved the killing of 17 Iraqi civilians
and the injuring of 20 others in Baghdad. The attack, known as the Nisour Square Massacre,
was reportedly unprovoked and sparked outrage in the country. Thanks for watching! Would you rather work for a private military
company in your own country or as a contractor abroad? Let us know in the comments section below!

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