Wait about to crank it up to this level 4 Here we are on day 14 of this super duper Electrical torture device and man, I gotta tell you the results was shocking So I’ve been using this thing for two weeks now and I want to share with you guys the results I’ve been mainly sticking to level 1 and 2 I tried three a couple times and today is today for some level 4 action So we’re gonna attempt that I even let my wife try it. that was pretty cool Few things I noticed after using this thing for a while. Number one. It definitely does something down there So I really noticed after using it for a couple days my abs was sore it was sore like I was actually doing ab Workouts and I had not actually been doing a lot of abs lately. I actually backed off of it I may have done abs once or twice in the last two weeks and I was only because I was recording an ab workout video For you guys backed off from abs so I could trying to make the results as accurate as possible Like I really just used this thing And another thing I actually did was I was a little bit slack on my diet I started to eat fried chicken and hey, I think it’s some ice cream So I tried to do things that I wouldn’t normally do to really see How much this thing’s going to help so the average person that doesn’t really work out doesn’t really have a diet They eat whatever they want. I wanted to answer the question. Will this help them get a six-pack? I tried using it around the same time each day right before I went to work So it was usually when I got back from the gym and right before I went to work that timeframe I felt like that would give me the best results So around the same time each day, which around this time right now is when I use this thing every day for two weeks Oh gah dang This one Way more intense. I wasn’t expecting that I’ve been sticking with level 1 and level 2 thus far it’s first time I’m trying level 3 none of the other ones did that level 1 and level 2 kind of just pumped it Little bit on this one. It’s like squeezing This is like a one second squeeze then it squeezes real deep within so I actually was planning on only doing one week and then doing a video and let you guys know my results but I decided to Keep going I’ma go for at least two weeks to give it a good amount of time to really try to see some results between that time frame instead of just going one week seven days. It’s cool But two weeks probably give me a little bit more to work with getting used to it But I still haven’t yet went up to that level four yet. I’m trying to work my way up there level three is crazy so I could only imagine what level four is and then afterwards I’ll go ahead put video and kind of share with you all my thoughts Behind this product and also my results from day one up into day 14 Today is the day. I’m about to crank this thing up to level four. I’m ready Wait, I got to warm up first I got a warm-up with this, uh Cuz three is real to be honest with you, whoa getting used to it though will say that, but man i got a lot matter fact Tomorrow day 14 is the day. I do level 4 Get used to it, but it’s still pretty insane. I’m not gonna lie right now, I’m gonna see if I get my wife to try it It’s not that bad, right? Wait, you got to show my gut? Put that on, we won’t show your gut, ok. This right Yeah that’s straight. that’s good to go. Alright let me turn it off right quick. Backup. Noelle, its about to get real in the battlefield. Is it gone hurt. it shouldn’t hurt. It’ll be fine. Are you ready? I think so. Today will actually be the last day of me using it today is day 14 i’m going to try level 4 so without further ado this hop Right into this thing Another thing I noticed after using this thing for a few days straight get a little warm up on level three Another thing I noticed after using this thing for a few days is this sticky stuff is starting to kind of wear off So I have to keep pressing it. Ah, this thing still sucks Level three is insane dude Oh My gosh I feel like I’m doing a bunch of crunches level 1 level 2 got used to it barely feel it level three is a whole nother level About to crank it up to this level four. Alright, you see the light it’s on level four I have yet to utilize this level. It’s not a good feeling, you know doesn’t feel good I will say after using it like you have the sore you feel like you’ve been working out but moment of truth level 4 let’s go Oh Yeah It’s a reason I didn’t put this thing on level four what the heck things not cool I’m done with this thing so let’s talk about this thing you guys seeing Any type of difference relaxing Flexing guys seeing any difference What do you think Let me know in the comments section did this thing work or not? Alright, I promise you I was not doing abs every day Alright, let’s talk about this Another thing. I noticed the front of my ABS, okay They don’t look bad like for me not doing ABS and kind of slacking off on my diet for the last week or two doesn’t look bad. But What I have developed is some love handles like my body. The first place I store fat is right here on the side That’s why I notice fat began to build up for me. It starts right here. It’s kind of chubby right there. Look at that personally, this is the beginning of me starting to add weight around my midsection when I start adding some fat around my to my Body, it starts right here on my midsection. So the question is does it work? Does it help I mean granted I didn’t put like anything on the side. Maybe I should Put this thing on the side see if it kind of work. Like I said before it’s going to Possibly, you know kind of make the muscles work which could possibly burn something It’s so many different variables to use on something like this And I don’t think though it’s going to strengthen your core Like I don’t think you’re you’re going to get a strong core from just using this thing You need more but there’s so many different variables when you’re talking about the diet You’re talking about how hard you’re working out cuz I was still lifted weights. So one could argue I was still burning calories right Which that’s the name of the game a caloric deficit everyone have abs Everyone have abs but the problem is your apps are hidden by a layer of fat So if you can take that fat away your abs are gonna show you might not even have a strong core It’s some people that freaking rip and they don’t do a lot of abs but one thing that they do work on is their diet what they’re eating what foods are using to kind of burn fat you can Do cardio and just eat right and probably be ripped your abs and they might not be as defined but they’re gonna be there everyone have apps it’s just a matter of is there a thick to 3 – 4 inches of fat that’s covering those abs. Hey you want to use this cool That’s cool use this in addition to doing some cardio now if you’re doing cardio and using this may help you out and it could also be like one of those Placebo effects. Maybe you’re using this thing. Your body is like naturally thinking like yeah Rip up the apps cuz the mind is a powerful thing, right? The mind is very powerful You could do anything if you put your mind to it, but as always I hope you guys enjoyed this video I need to hurry up ahead to work. I don’t want to be late. You’re not subscribed to this channel yet make sure you do so JOIN the bullynation so soon we can become a bullyverse but first we gotta make it to 200k and we Got to get there fast. But until next time guys gonna have to catch y’all later


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