100 thoughts on “5 Best Exercises For Upper Chest (No Weights Needed)

  1. He's so cute! Even without all the fitness-trained muscles and tattoos, he's still very cute. Good for you man, hope you have a great partner who makes you happy.

  2. I have chest pains when getting a lower grip (towards my hips) for my pushups, I can do regular just fine but I'm trying to move my hands to my hips to push my whole body weight but my chest has a lot of pain, how do I work my way around it?

  3. First time seeing you on YouTube. Will be definitely following you and getting the app. I’m working on my arms, shoulders, back and chest. Pull up bar, kettle bell and steel mace are what I’m using. Thanks for the upload.

  4. It’s been a long time waiting for this album and if you ever release it on iTunes you’ve got your first purchase right here in the UK. Loving the workout music on Soundcloud 👍🏼

  5. Hey man, I have been watching you for a min and I have a request if you don't mind doing it. A year ago I had a spinal fusion (L5 to S1) and I'm not finding any lower ab workouts I can do since my hips can't rotate (thrust) much if at all. Thankyou even if you just read this post. Keep up the awesome work!!

  6. This comment isn’t about the topic of this video but I want to be more informed about weights on dumbbells I’m 5’4 and weight 98 lb ive been doing some of the workout you have on dumbbells only but I can’t do some since there 15lb dumbbells and ive not be active since I had a collapse lung

  7. If I'm not a beginner but skinny and I want to get strong but don't know how to start… Can some one help?.. I need a simple routine to get strong weekly… I'm all in.

  8. Upper chest push-ups are my favourite push-ups right now, they have really improved my chest gains, and now I have a better-bigger looking chest

  9. Hi Chris, I'm with the channel GymFit INFO I like your workouts.Could you in your spare time make a video about the training regime with dumbbells for ectomorph.I'll be grateful

  10. Broke this month. But next year can I buy one from you with my last name instead of yours? Thanks Guerrero. Love your content, ur so sweet.

  11. #Chrisheria Hi Christian! Greating from Spain, your works is fucking nice! I would love to be able to attend your classes and be able to be trained with your exercises, but I will settle for the application😭
    I practice female self defense and mixed Martial arts. 🥊🥋♀
    P. D Peace and Deep Love ❤

    Do 10x of each then a 20 sec rest after each set. Do 3 rotations a day and increase them with time.

  13. I’m really inspired by your videos. I kind of want to get good with calisthenics myself but I don’t know how to start. Also do you know if you’re gonna get more merch in your website?

  14. Hi Chris! I'm so happy to follow your channel amd I remembered that the first time I got your video in my recommended list I was attracted by your perfect exercise and your body. Actually I'm now in China now I can only watch your video through VPN and now I do have a state VPN to watch every vlog that you have already posted on YouTube and that you are going to post. Thank you so much for your rich experience in exercise and training and healthy diet. I will definitely follow your guidance. I hope one day i can become much stronger. Thank you again

  15. Hi, Chris Heria
    It's me Anshuman, Watching you from India.I can't afford to join you because it's beyond my wealth!
    Thanks for your existence, you are really means a lot for me!!
    Subscribed and my time started 😊

  16. Hy man i need your help i can't seem to get my maas up what do you recommend im not to skinny but still want to bulk up

  17. I think Its time to meet Demi Begbi again right? and do some workout outside , myb on beach some challenges with other people and so 🙂

  18. Hey chris can you make lower, higher chest workout in 1 video so i can do it daily by watching 1 video or doing 1 workout.

  19. Pls can u make a vid on how to do pull ups for people who can't even do one? I need to know the proper technique or progressions. Thx!

  20. Have you ever hang up side down to do sit ups. I have been doing that one for 5 days now. I love hanging up side down.

  21. Man I got so much respect for your grind. You got the apparel, the music, and the fitness. 3 different revenue streams built off something you clearly love to do. Very inspiring and motivating. Salute!

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