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Hey, what’s going on Nation? Today I’m going to teach you something That’s going to turn your world upside down in fact the majority of you are probably not gonna like it Because gym culture has warped our mind so much that bad habits have become the standard When it comes to how you build muscle we live in a world where more equals more if we don’t at least touch Every piece of equipment before we leave the gym we feel defeated as if I workout with sub power in some way but guys that couldn’t be further from the truth, and here’s why just like anything else in life such as work school or Relationships you don’t get better and more efficient by bundling as many responsibilities together as Possible you only get better when your energy is focused on a few things at once and the same goes for your workouts when trying To build muscle just because you’re training arms and have a list of 10 exercises for biceps and 10 exercises for triceps with 3 sets per exercise That doesn’t mean you’re going to get faster results That is a total of 30 working sets for a smaller muscle group And I can guarantee the majority of those exercises are fluff exercises, which means that they’re inefficient More doesn’t equal more when it comes to building muscle now. Let me explain There are only so many exercises that are optimal for building muscle for each body pot these are exercises that not only allow you to lift as much weight as possible for reps But they also are able to help you maximize muscle damage for repair and growth some prime examples would be the bench press shoulder press squat deadlift bent over row dips and Barbell bicep curls now if you really think about that Doesn’t it make sense that you should be focusing on those kinds of exercises when you workout I hope so because the majority of you will most likely never need to train with movements that are so specific In terms of what muscles they target for example If you think you’re right biceps peak is slightly bigger than your left And you stop focusing more on exercises that only I get the outer head of your biceps versus maximum overall damage Chances I that you’re going to stunt the overall growth of your biceps in fact 99% of the time if you guys have any sort of muscle imbalances if you were to just continue to focus on movements that allow you to overload with the most weight possible your imbalances would go away and You would get bigger overall now I did say 99% of the time, so what’s the 1%? well the 1% would apply to those of you who are stepping on stage for a Bodybuilding show at that level of competition a slight imbalance could mean the difference between winning and losing And at that point you’ve most likely reached your maximum muscle building potential anyways So spending more time isolating various muscles that need a bit more growth comes with the territory of competing But if you’re not competing and your goal is overall growth you need to focus on maximizing the use of Exercises that will give you the most bang for your buck and not waste your time trying to gain 4 Centimeters on the outside head of your right bicep, so what does the perfect workout look like then for each muscle group well It’s actually much simpler than you think for larger muscle groups like chest back glutes quads hamstrings just pick 3 to 4 exercises for a total of 15 to 20 working sets and that’s plenty and that could mean 5 sets of 3 exercises for chest 6 sets of 3 exercises or 5 sets of 4 exercises at the end of the day It’s up to you, but for me less is more and I would stick with 3 big movements like flat bench and clinal reverse bench and then finish off with heavy dips or dumbbell flyes done for smaller muscle groups like biceps triceps shoulders traps and calves Pick 2 to 3 exercises for 12 to 15 total working sets for example for biceps I would do 6 sets of barbell bicep curls, and then 6 sets of incline dumbbell curls And I would be done Mike if your biceps aren’t toast after doing that Then something’s wrong with your intensity of your lifting guys and this which is this actually leads me to my last point I want to make when you guys start a new exercise Do you ever notice how you really don’t stop feeling it until the end of maybe like your second or third set Even if you do a few warm-up sets your first heavy set feels yeah like okay But it’s definitely not hitting your muscles as hard as your second and third and this is where three sets per Exercises is killing your gains comes from Three sets per exercise is almost like the law of the gym you do three sets and you move on to the next exercise Three more sets and then you move on but no guys stop Thinking like this if you’re training say triceps with heavy dips and by the third set you’re feeling like you just hit Super Saiyan blue Don’t stop doing dips to go do like a tricep kickback or a push down no no no dice You keep your butt on those dips, and you crush two to three more sets with as much weight as possible Eight dip is going to target all three heads of your triceps for muscle growth much better than most other Exercises and that’s just a fact you don’t have to tag it a muscle from a million different angles to get it to grow Also, and this is important guys if by your third fourth fifth or even your six in the last set you have to Decrease the weight, and I will say it again if you have to Decrease the weight as you continue with your sets then do it if Fitness was a video game And you got to the pot where you had to decrease the weight each set then you’ve won the game Your muscles are getting fatigued, which means you are taking advantage of the muscle building mechanisms Which are metabolic stress muscle damage and mechanical tension? Which I do have a video on if you guys want to learn more? And I will link to it down on my pin comment section below and one last thing guys and this is what most of you Will probably have a hard time with because you are used to training say arms with a lot of exercises if you plan your workouts, right Train muscle groups that work together on the same day You will get more out of your movements for example if you are training chest it makes sense to Train triceps the same day after your chest This is because your triceps will already be pre Exhausted and broken down a bit after all the chest movements so when you hit those 2 or 3 triceps Specific exercises it won’t take much time to finish off your triceps and maximise on growth but if Programming is not your specialty You are more than welcome to join my site Muscularstrength.com and try one of my programs and my team and I will help coach you as you make them muscle gains Be sure to smash that like and subscribe button if you enjoyed the video and click that notification Valve so you never miss a new video upload from me Oh, and one last thing guys for all my fellow Dragon Ball Z fans I have been uploading videos like crazy to my other channel oh the hermanatee Covering the new Dragon Ball super episodes as well as dokkan battle And I actually just pulled my first LR, and it was sick Even if you’re not familiar with the game if you just want to see me kind of freak out It’s definitely worth a watch, so I’ll put a link to that video my pin comment below as well and guys as always more good stuff coming soon

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  1. Everything you thought you knew about building muscle is wrong. Get ready to have your mind BLOWN and your workouts become more efficient!
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  2. When I first started watching your vids, thought, "ok – here comes another avalanche of bro-shit". But I quickly realized that Scott Herman is among the top 5 fitness youtubers. Keep up the good work man! You are much appreciated!

  3. some of us dont give a flying fuck how we look n the mirror..you all talk about making bigger muscles…but you cant see power..we want power and exploding power…the myth bigger is stronger is bs…you see one hand pull ups by small guys with small hands that pull 70kg with one hand while huge beast cant even hang..or cant even make single hand push ups…some of us wont shave our chest and build a mirror body..we want real power per weight

  4. I do 3 sets of my each variation of push up, and i think my pecs is getting bigger all the time.. but idk with gym exercises

  5. but is it actually beneficial too do that many sets? 5-6 seems like a lot, i usually do 3-4 sets because my muscles would be toast with the weight iโ€™ve been lifting around 6-9 reps

  6. Fix your body, n fix that horrific accent first. I do sets of 3 n I'm more ripped than you are. As long as you push yourself to the limit n eat right.

  7. dont use dips… really dont! the long head will keep being small… and its the most important part… thats a fact

  8. Only 2 exercises with 3 sets working the same muscle then move on to a different body part? I do full body btw.

  9. Not clear if 15-20 sets per workout or week total. I think this number is a little bit high for one workout, because I do every muscle group twice a week and it would be hard to split 30-40 sets of Chest, Back, Quads, Hams, Glutes + 24-30 sets of triceps, biceps, shoulder, traps etc. I do 20 sets per big muscle group and 10 sets per small muscle group PER WEEK and I find it hard to split the workout in order to make it not longer than 60-70 minutes.

  10. So do you do for example 5 sets bench press in one go and then move on to the next exercise and do again 5 sets in one go ? Do I understand that correctly ? Or do you do 1 set and change the exercise and so on ? Would appreciate the help ๐Ÿ‘

  11. I can agree with what you are saying, partly because I used to use the 3 sets per exercise practice to only maintain fitness level and a light body weight because a light body weight was necessary for my job as an exercise rider of race horses. Most race horse trainers don't want a rider over 160 lbs. A jockey should be even less, under 130 lbs. The heavier exercise rider's weight helps build the horse's muscle, leg bone density, and endurance when the horse is exercised at a lope or slow gallop. My fitness routine was a max of 3 sets per exercise with reps to failure, and no less than a 10 rep minimum. This helped maintain the strength and muscle endurance necessary to "hold" a horse at a slow gallop in an exercise saddle, and keep my body weight at or below a maximum body weight of 160 lbs. on a regular diet. "Holding," a race horse at a slow gallop is physically taxing because they are trained to pull against the bit while galloping. This results in them bowing their necks with the chin tucked in and eyes forward. The rider crosses the reins against the horse's neck and holds the reins in place while using the leverage of high stirrups and a kind of static squatting or 'deadlift' position on your toes, to pull back against the horse's forward pull on the bit to keep the horse at a slow pace while under dynamic muscle tension. It is a kind of wrestling match between horse and rider that keeps both physically fit. When tension is released on the bit, the horse will leap into a run, but with some tension retained to maintain control of the horse's head for steering, and help prevent falling if the horse stumbles. For me, weight training with a 3 set per exercise max. helped maintain strength and static body weight, while also aiding in preventing injuries. I agree that it won't build muscle size, but it can keep you at a lean fitness level when your job is a fitness workout in itself.

  12. This reminds me of that episode of Friends where Ross puts on the British accent.

    "Does anyone have questions NOT related to my accent?"

  13. The greatest diet and workouts in the world, number of sets, amount of weight used etc.etc.etc.etc.etc.etc.etc.etc.etc.etc are useless if your body doesn't have the hormones to support muscle growth period anyone who says differently is full of shit.

  14. hey guys i have a question, im doing a push pull legs split and three exercises for each muscle group doesnt feel like its accomplishing the job. Is it ok if i do five exercises each muscle group? will that be overworking the muscle groups? please help really curious on your guys's feedback

  15. why would you want to fatigue your muscle? if i would do, lets say 12 sets over 3 workouts instead of 12 sets in one, my performance, meaning total volume (weight x reps) would be much higher when i do 12 sets over 3 workouts cause i dont get fatigued like i would when doing all 12 sets in one. Or am i misunderstanding something? sorry for being a noob, but how is fatigue good?

  16. Scott: Hey, you should focus on compound movements, they have a big range of motion and are good for overloading with weight

    Me: But… I …

    Scott: What, what is it?

    Me: the LoNg HeAd oF My RiGhT BiCeP is LaGiNGg


  17. Two sets per movement not including a warmup. Go heavy and intense. I never understood guys who do 6-10 sets of bench squat or deadlifts. Doesn't that shit get boring?

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