100 thoughts on “3 Proven Methods For Gaining Self Discipline

  1. Who are you, really?


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  2. Extensive Summary

    How to be self-disciplined

    3 Traits to be self-disciplined

    Discipline is the ability to control your premier based desires. E.g. snoozing the alarm clock
    Who wouldn’t just wanna lie in bed? Who wouldn’t just wanna play it save? It’s a primitive based desire. People who are giving in to that they just do what they are used to do. Average People don’t know how to control their minds. The reason they do that is because it is just natural. Our mind wants to push the work aside. The people are able to self-control themselves they are the winners.

    1.) Change your identity. The biggest reason for that is that your behavior will never move from the internal mapping. In other words the strongest force in the human psychology is the need to remain congruent to how you identify yourself. You are gonna act exactly as who you define yourself. If you are gonna view yourself as some lazy ass you are gonna be one. But if you are going to view yourself as entrepreneur you are going to become one. However if you view yourself as a productive entrepreneur you are gonna be one. It may seem fake. But the purpose of the goal is not to achieve the goal. The purpose of the goal is who you need to become in order to achieve your goal. Every goal is gonna change you. Think about the goal in the past. You didn’t only get the body you wanted, your mind shifted also. Every goal is gonna change you.
    The question is: who are you now? What stick-it notes do you have to remove? Your identity is like stick it notes. Laziness, Boom! Throw it in the bin take the one you want. Every morning. I’m a fearless entrepreneur who eats uncertainty for breakfast. BOOM! If I keep saying that to myself. I’m going to be one fearless entrepreneur.
    That what he did: he saw himself as a stoner. You never deviate from the internal mapping. You must change the internal mapping. You must change how you view yourself to change yourself. Millionaires become millionaires because they become it right now in their minds. Think, act, behave like a millionaire in order to become a millionaire. This is how you get to the truth.

    2.) All about: setting a big forfeit. The human being is twice so concerned to avoid pain as to have pleasure. The way you can influence yourself to be more disciplined is to attach a lot of pain to not achieving your goal. One thing he does with his clients. They basically work out what they want to achieve every week. He helps and assists them setting a huge forfeit, that scares the hell out of him. He didn’t want to make a fool of himself in public. So his forfeit: He would have to stand on a table and shout with the top of his longs before all the girls that he didn’t achieve his goals. Other people: all money to the charity when he doesn’t achieve it. You must pay. >>The pain and pleasure principle.
    Set up a win: Reward. What happens when you achieve it.
    Just as you reward a dog for its right behavior so you must reward your subconscious mind when it is doing sth good. Reward yourself. Subconscious mind: Wow I’m getting treated now.

    3.) Accountability
    Huge thing. The more people you tell the more likely are you going to achieve it. It is so powerful when you are achieving goals. It’s good for a coach to help you. He holds you accountable, it makes you take action. It’s like the law of conformity. You are gonna feel embarrassed when you don’t do it. Law of conformity. You will do what other people do. That’s why the level of your worth will rarely be higher than your network. It’s all about finding your friends. Citation: „Show me your friends and I will show you your future.“ SO find friends that can hold you accountable. He has to take it seriously. (Coach) Some friends don’t worry about it.

    Bonus: Set yourself up to win. What can you do in advance when you’re motivated. What can you do in advance to set yourself up to win. For example. Fitness. I can put the Gym-outfit next to the bed. I can set my self up to win by setting a cafe as a to-go-to place next to me when I’m motivated to go to, every time im down. Find a strategy of you setting yourself up to win. Find a way. When you feel pumped, great, when you feel happy those are the states where you must take advantage of. What can I do about this? There are days I’m gonna feel terrible. What can I set myself to do in advance, so when it happens I win!

    Hope helped someone out there. It is sometimes helpful to read it again instead of watching a video twice. 🙂

  3. Asian guy that sounds extremely british, that was in a gang and is now giving me three tipps on entrepreneurship. Ive now seen it all.

  4. Even quicker summary: Be more disciplined by being more disciplined.
    Gotta love all that circular thinking from people who are already disciplined, and were probably inclined toward discipline to begin with, at most needing some sort of kick in the pants to get going.

  5. Thank you sir …. this really helped me ….no kidding …. your words are are so corrective inspiring and motivating …. thank you once again sir ……

  6. You're correct again and again. Everyone who is watching this, knows they are above average. They have a pioneering spirit, they're the game changes and take full responsibility for their own personal success. They achieve outstanding results no matter what they do, be it laziness, depression, etc to a Fearless Entrepreneur, who eats Uncertainty for Breakfast! Love it!

  7. No ones ever believed in me not even my own parents ive suffered with really bad anxiety and depression and this video had me in tears, im 22 years old and dont have any discipline and I don’t know what do with my life but you changed that for me

  8. Man I needed this today, after watching this video my world seemed a bit brighter, my synapses began firing, and my heart bested stronger than I've ever felt in my life. In gonna go embarrass myself today!

  9. Acknowledging and accepting that you're procrastinating is a good way to release the emotional tension (guilt, frustration, anger, etc.) of not being able to do what you need to do when you need to do it.

    Then just find thoughts that feel better about the task. This is positive thinking, yes, but thinking positive is useless without first accepting what you're feeling and your problem right now.

  10. Awesome. I actually started writing notes. So I just achieved a huge goal!!!! Thank you so much. I look forward to listening to more of your videos.

  11. So, buddy, you don't have to sell me on why I should be disciplined. I'm already here. One key aspect of being disciplined I'm sure is not wasting your time on youtube.

  12. I don't think anyone in this world is average , everyone is above average as long as they r living ,because living itself needs constant maintainance ☺ especially if u work /study

  13. I honestly appreciate this video, everything u said i was doing it, i realized im special among my peers because everytime i procastinate i think of the consequences, and try not to do it again and also i do reward my sub conscious mind when i do something good, you have just opened my eyes thanks for this.

  14. I like his teaching. Praise the Lord Haleluiah. So all the brothers and sisters be in disciple life to glorify God in your life

  15. Great vid. Good advice. I admire how he turned his life around – gives his vids more credibility.
    I love his accent: "free fings", "you can achieve your go", etc.

  16. The changing your identity mindset is really powerful. I just tried it for a second and felt a bit better since I felt like being productive after thinking of myself to be a person that moves a lot

  17. Dude, I always knew we do more to avoid pain, than to gain pleasure.
    But couldn't figure out how can i use to advantage, but you gave me the answer i was having a hard time with.
    Thank you

  18. I hope I get an answer to this, but one thing that I don't like about telling people of my goals is they shoot them down immediately saying that it's unrealistic or that it's a bad idea and making me doubt my own potential. Do you have any recommendations towards that?

  19. The only thing I am really afraid of is having another massive back spasm due to a condition I have so I do my physio regularly the rest I achieve by getting the tasks I loathe out of the way before doing what I really enjoy which is currently starting my own business.

  20. Thank you very much for such a wonderful, motivational video !
    I am going to do all the steps u suggested ! I promise !

  21. I had a minor set back happen in my life dealing with my depression and I’m really determined to retrain my mind lol back into being disciplined. So far so good but this is really an every day thing and on my way to work everyday I listen to this because sometimes I don’t have anyone to encourage me but I work to find things and do things to motivate and encourage myself and rebuild that strength daily. Nobody knows how important my dreams and goals are but me. But the people who really do believe in me I mean zero doubt zero limits… I appreciate so much more than they know cause it’s RARE. STAY STRONG EVERYONE !!! We got this ❤️

  22. After watching this I realized just how many people I've failed with my own habits. I'm not perfect but I need work like an old car I need work to become new and better.

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