I Outliers welcome back to my channel
I am TheFisayo and if this is your first time here you’re very much welcome
do not forget to hit the subscribe button and turn on notification so before I start with this routine I want to give a quick disclaimer I am NOT a fitness
guru okay! It happened that I was at this hotel for Christmas and the hotel has a best ab machines to use at gym
very good gym facility and I decided I must used the facility before I leave or before I shake out, although there was a gym instructor should make a few moves on
how use most of things, so that is what I am going to be going you guys through today
although what I do only regular is that I do sit-ups in my house or leg raises I
can show you guys in another video if you’re interested in that but
today’s all about the gym workouts for your abs, so let’s do this so the first
is the alternate ab crunch machine the key as a beginner is to do this 20 times
so that you don’t stress your muscles being that you don’t use this all the
time before you start make sure you set the weight to your capacity do not go
overboard and put something you will not be able to carry or that will break your
hands the essence of this particular workout
is to crunch your abs so it’s brings together, you’d feel the pain because I felt
it pain was deep and I’m sure it’s because I do not use this machine all the
time, if I’m used to this machine, I will probably not have felt the pain with just 20 rounds so the next to the side abdominal
workout so you do this 20 on both sides on your right hand side you do this 20
times on your left hand side it is 20 times, so the next similar to leg raises
you raise your leg up in this particular order and go left and right left and
right 20 times, after you’re done you can drink water you can rest and if you feel like you can go to the round again, you can do the same, all
this is supposed to help build your abs and work on your lower abdomen, so this
is actually not part of the abs workout routine, but I saw him do this and I
decided, I felt like I needed to it also 🙂 so this also helps your shoulders for
those who are trying to build their shoulders I don’t do this every day so I don’t think
that’s what have impacted or done anything to my body as much. So the key here is
consistency if you want to hit the gym and use all these workout routines it is
necessary that you do it consistently, either once a week or twice a week, just make
sure you workout a routine for yourself that works for myself what I do is – at home I do sit-ups, I wake up in the morning do some sit-ups, although there is one thing you guys should notice you should know your body type we all have
different body types and different metabolisms so you should know what
works for you and what will make you either reduced or burn the fat easily
so before we recap make sure you drink water regularly eat less at night know
what your body wants in terms of your metabolism and be consistent so now let’s recap if you’re visiting
the gym the first is an alternate up crunch machine, the next is a side
abdominal workout and the next is similar to leg raises and really that’s
about it if you maintain this for a period of time you should see measurable
results, or you can just be like me and stay at home and do your workouts without having to spend so much money and still get results yeah I hope you guys enjoyed it, if you
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workout so I would not mind doing that so let me know what you guys want, I’m
always here for you guys so do not forget our goal is to get a hundred
thousand subscribers this year let’s get kicking and I also want to tell you guys
thank you for the 400 plus subscribers in two weeks, is it two weeks or one week
so much, thank you very much guys like thanks for the support
let’s just keep supporting, do not stop supporting let’s hit that goal and not
forget to stay awesome and stay inspired peace guys I dont know what not supposed to be this ball, I just know I see people sitting on it alot so, here I go! 🙂


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