3 Best Triceps Exercises for Building Mass w/ Joel Thomas

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IFBB Pro Joel Thomas here today I’m gonna take you guys through three of my
favorite mass building exercises for triceps so the first tricep exercise we’re going
to go over is a tate press so this is something that I picked up powerlifting
years ago and kind of just always kept it in my weightlifting program it’s
good tricep mass builder and it’s also really really good for all your presses
so if you get good on these basically all your pressing numbers are gonna go
up so we’ll check them out need to start with the dumbbells on your chest with
both ends touching and then just extend up dumbbells are touching the whole time
and back together down to the chest back here so if you
notice my elbows are back a little bit tension is on a different part of the
triceps you’re gonna kind of feel these almost in your elbows and it’s really
gonna build this strength that’s like the base in your tricep rather than working
on like the muscle belly so you’re honestly not gonna get a great pump from
these it’s just a good mass building strength building exercise for sets and
reps on the tate I’ll typically go 10 to 12 range maybe a set of 15
just on the warmups but as soon as it gets to working set
I’m going to kind of stay in this 8 to 12 range since I’m really really working
on strength I’m not so much worried about a pump on these so my second tricep exercise I’m usually
going to do something on the cables I’m gonna do palms down tricep pushdown and
I’m gonna do something that’s about shoulder-width so I don’t want my hands
cramped inside I want like a normal range of motion from my elbows so I’m
gonna grab on the outside of these handles and I’m gonna do one and a
half’s so basically I’m gonna do a full rep and
then a half rep a full rep and a half rep and what that does is it just keeps
the tension on the stretched muscle for a little longer in between every rep so
elbows right down by my side so I’m gonna go full rep all the way back up
and then just half full half and hold full so on the half
it’s really just allowing me to keep tension on a stretch muscle for a little
longer and that’s really where most of the workload is is that halfway point
through the extension so for sets and reps here I’m going to do anywhere from
10 to 15 reps it got kind of a big range to land in to where you’re being really
productive so I’m counting all the way down all the way up halfway down all the
way up that’s one rep for our sets these are going to do four sets and
then move right on so the third exercise kind of the final
tricep exercise this is basically my finisher for the tricep day I’m just
gonna do chest supported dumbbell kickback so if you just do them chest
supported it’s a lot more isolated you just worry about squeezing the triceps
so I’m going to use fairly light weight for these like fifteen or twenties
especially at the end of my workout when I’m exhausted because I want to be able
to hold them at the top for at least a second chest down elbows up as high as
you can get them straight back and hold so just keeping my posture so I don’t
have to worry about balancing and I can just focus on the triceps squeeze so as far as sets and reps would go for
these since I’m doing it last my strength its kind of zapped by now
so really I’m gonna be focusing on is really trying to pump some blood volume
to the area so I’m gonna keep my rest time fairly short and my rep range is
gonna be somewhere between 12 and 15 so the other thing for this one is I’m
going to go pretty close to failure so as long as I can keep the form tight
I’ll increase the reps 15 or 16 on the reps so if I can be more than 15 reps
then I need to increase the weight so there’s three of my favorite tricep mass
building exercises hope you guys like them go give them a try thanks for
watching and please go subscribe below

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  2. Excellent video guys 👏 great exercises will definitely give them a shot! Also props to Joel rocking the AJ XXXIV ♥️

  3. Don’t even watch this if your natty lmao you wanna build mass like this guys, only thing is steroids and hard work, discipline.

  4. Hey guys I’m an 18 year old fitness youtuber chasing my dreams, im going all in and I’d appreciate it if you could check me out!!!
    All love 🖤

  5. Unless I missed it and didn't hear you, how many sets of the Tate press? I got the reps8-12. Also, tricep kickbacks, reps 12-15. Sets ????. And when you said hammer curls, aren't those pinwheels? Not being picky just pointing that out for other viewers. I know it's just another style of the hammer curl, but I saw John meadows call them pinwheels.

  6. I have done a Tate press before, but only on my back. Love the new position and was looking for an exercise that hit my lower tricep. Thank you!

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