2019 Ohio Army National Guard State Best Warrior Competition

best warrior competition of 2019 is a
culmination of all of the best NCOs and enlisted soldiers in the state of Ohio so we had three competitors from the
Hungarian Defence Forces that were here they did all the same competition events as the Ohio Soldiers did Competitors were give two different weapon systems an M4 rifle and an m9 pistol and they’re put
through a series of physical challenges to raise their heart rate it’s also
called a stress shoot once they completed the stress shoot they moved
into a land navigation course the course distance varied between 1700 and 2400
meters the challenge of Camp Sherman is is that unlike some of our other
training facilities in in Ohio this has more steep and more elevated
terrain so you’re actually walking up and down hills
soldiers appeared in front of three sergeants major and the NCOs appeared in
front of three sergeants major and they were asked a series of questions and
their responses to the questions generated a board score they then move into army warrior task training where they have four pre-selected tasks on they put on their
full battle rattle they put on their IOTV their ACHs and they go out and they perform these tasks and we don’t often get the opportunity to compete our
society is one that likes to compete likes to earn rewards for challenges
tomorrow morning they move into a physical fitness event and that physical fitness
event is just a simple APFT go when you get to say that you are the best
NCO or you are the best enlisted or the best soldier of Ohio you can say that
with the satisfaction of knowing that you competed it against the other best
really came out on top this gives soldiers and NCOs across Ohio
the opportunity to compete against one another to see who is actually the best
of the best

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