2017 Soft Skills Boot Camp

>>ALI:: This is extremely important because you learn how to build upon your communicative skill and that’s extremely
important when you when you start working in the work field and when you
start broadening your horizons. It’s important to start getting out of your
comfort zone and to do that you have to know the basic skills on how to
communicate and collaborate with people.>>ORTA: A boot camp like this help students reach their potential because it kind of gives them that extra edge that they might not
have had that extra training.>>SANCHEZ: Not a lot of people when they enter the workforce they don’t know how to do it because some of them don’t get opportunities to
get to work. So I just think this opportunity in this boot camp is just a
really good program.>>HOOVER: Give students the ability to at least experience it because a lot of students may not get it in the regular classroom they may not
even get it at home but if they’re exposed to it sometimes you can create
that spark>TROTER: Getting out there in the world and do business or education
further education we can use these skills for any of those jobs whether you
know respecting are you know higher authorities or other co-workers people
around us what our job actually is and getting a job done as a team and an
independently>>KAMERN: it I think it is important because we are going to be young adults
soon and we’re going to go out into the workforce and we need those skills to
help us in the future of you know discovering of who we are and you know
meeting new people who will help us in the future with our careers.>>SAVEDRA: If I would
have been exposed early to something that I’m gonna be involved I want to
know why I’m getting the education and the application of learning becomes more
applicable to the end result so I think it’s very very important that these boot
camps are established

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