190930 USASAC Command Video

(upbeat music) – [Tim Hanson] The US Army
Security Assistance Command, or USASAC, is a two-star
subordinate command to the Army Materiel Command, commonly known as AMC. Headquartered next to
AMC at Redstone Arsenal in Northern Alabama, USASAC manages the security assistance
enterprise for both AMC and the Department of the Army. Through continuous communications, key leader engagements,
and project case reviews, USASAC uses technology and oversight to ensure this diverse team is focused and synchronized on the
security assistance mission. The assistance USASAC provides through more than 6,000
foreign military sales cases, enables our allies and partners to protect their borders and
meet their security objectives. (muffled gunshot) USASAC oversees these cases that have a combined program value
of over $192 billion, and support 150 countries and multi-national organizations. As part of the National
Defense Authorization Act, the Army was tasked to prepare for conventional near-peer conflicts through four lines of effort, including increased interoperability with allies and partners. USASAC uses foreign military sales to build partner capacity, to support the engagement strategies of Combatant Commanders,
and to build relationships that strengthen US global partnerships. The USASAC team knows
that having well-equipped and well-trained partner forces on the battlefield enhance our
Army’s operational readiness. By using the Total Package Approach, USASAC ensures each FMS case
offers not only the equipment, but also spare parts,
maintenance, training, simulations, technical documentation, facilities, and support services. – Some of you are grabbing it with your other hand to pull it out. Don’t do that.
– This approach helps guarantee our partners have
the capacity and capability to sustain their equipment to the same strict levels of
readiness as our own forces. As a secondary benefit,
the Army takes advantage of economies of scale
when purchasing supplies, equipment, and training. Keeping the industrial
base production lines open help reduce overall Army Materiel costs. Dollars saved, in turn, grow
the Army working capital fund. (engine whirring) As the Army modernizes, legacy equipment may be made available to our partners through the Excess
Defense Articles program. Responsible for this
program, USASAC provides defense equipment to our partners in a low cost and efficient manner, while removing items no longer needed from the US Army’s inventory. Increasing divestiture and
selling unneeded equipment allows us to save on storage
and demilitarization costs, while assisting the Army’s
modernization efforts. Known as the Army’s face to the world, USASAC continues to leverage
extensive experience gained from more than 50 years of international military affairs, to professionally manage
the US Army’s FMS programs. The dedicated professionals at USASAC are redefining how FMS can be used as a tool for global stability. USASAC was formed in 1965 at New Cumberland Defense
Depot in eastern Pennsylvania. Once the headquarters of USASAC, the New Cumberland office is responsible for FMS case execution and coordinating the logistics and transportation of FMS assets to allies and partners. (whooshing) Outside Washington, DC,
USASAC has a field office at Fort Belvoir Virgina, that
has two primary missions. First, it represents the command to governmental, foreign,
and defense industry partners in the national capital region. Additionally, it manages the Army’s role in executing Section 333 programs. These programs provide
the Secretary of Defense the authority to build capacity
of foreign security forces to conduct programs that
range from counter-terrorism and counter-illicit drug
trafficking operations, to border security and military
intelligence operations. USASAC also has three
subordinate organizations. USASAC’s US Army Security Assistance Training Management
Organization, or USASATMO, is a brigade-equivalent command located at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. USASATMO provides tailored
military trainings supporting the FMS requirements
of our allies and partners, lending credence to their motto, training the world, one soldier at a time. On the other side of the globe is USASAC’s Office of the Program
Manager- Saudi Arabian National Guard Modernization
Program, or OPM-SANG. Formed in 1973 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, OPM-SANG’s primary mission is to maintain and enhance the relationship between the US and
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and to advise and assist
in the modernization of the Kingdom’s Ministry
of the National Guard. (Cannon booms) This mission is vital to achieving US national security objectives and stability throughout the Middle East. Also located in Riyadh is USASAC’s Ministry of Interior- Military
Assistance Group, or MOI-MAG. This group was created in 2015 to provide technical
assistance in training and advisory support to
qualified security sectors of the Saudi Ministry of Interior. This partnership significantly boosts the Saudi Ministry of Interior’s ability to protect the infrastructure
of Saudi Arabia. The protection of these
facilities has considerable impact on the global economy
and regional stability. (upbeat music) (computer keyboard clicking)

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