160 days After One Punch Man Workout… I trained like superhero for 160 Days

hey guys has been 160 days since I started doing the one punch man challenge this video is an update on my progress and also an invitation for you to join the virtue white punishment challenge for those who are new to this I started doing the one branch man working on a ten of every this year when I realized the problem with is a challenge from the manga where the hero achieved superhuman power by doing this set of training routine every single day one hundred push-ups sit-ups squats and 10 kilometers run the full complete workout is why from his level 10 I started doing levels five is fifty push-ups sit-ups scores and five kilometers run and did it every day for 30 days and I achieved these results after that I begin to increase my levels and also added one rest day for every two days of exercising at the end of hundred days this one my results [Music] and now he has been hundred sixty days personally I think are two reasons why this one punch man workout is sustainable now the first reason is that a workout is relatively simple and doable we can do it anywhere and we don’t need any equipment so sometimes I feel a bit lazy and be motivated I tell myself today I’ll just do level one so feel free to adjust the levels accordingly and if you had any difficulty doing any stations be creative and replace the stations to yourself so for example some friends commented that have issues running go ahead replace running with skipping swimming cycling or anything that works on a cardio and gets a hurry up if you have been doing this challenge for a while you will also realize it helps in weight loss so for friends want to back up you have to add resistance to your role in of course these are just fun ways to add resistance to your training and if it’s becoming too expensive to maintain a family just and waste your training you can consider getting a resistance band instead I got this for just a couple of dollars to add resistance my training also explore adding other routines to my workout by still do the one punch my workout is my staple routine so this is my resource after one hundred and sixty days Mika’s percentage over ten percent which I find sustainable now the second reason why I think that one punishment is sustainable is because of the community frankly I’m really grateful for the members in my one punch man workout Facebook group and seriously you guys inspired me too and I want to thank you so much because it helps me a lot to see a lot of you guys working out and getting results as well so here’s the announcement I want to invite everyone to join the one punch man virtual challenge you can register using your real name or just a nickname chin your workouts accumulate points see where you rank on the leaderboard and win virtual medals and Prem you give us some real medals as well it’s just my way to make this whole entire thing even more fun I’ll be posting the specific instructions in the Facebook group so if you’re interested join the group and look up for the announcement let’s see how it’s gonna go ever improve this together so join us now and let’s work out together I’ll see you soon just

100 thoughts on “160 days After One Punch Man Workout… I trained like superhero for 160 Days

  1. But losing fat and adding muscle cant be done by just work out alone. You have to add some kind of diet. What kind of diet did you use

  2. Well I've started straight from level 10 but left the 10 km running part but still the results are awesome but still feel the fatigue though it's been more than 3 months it could've been more than 5 I stopped in the middle for a while
    I would say at least give it a try you guys 👍

  3. What did you eat while doing this and also do you have a food eating guide I can follow if you did it that way ?

  4. hahahahahaha you got my like after the push ups with the wife and the ambulance clip! hilarious! Congratulations!

  5. My man has the slight bear belly form, calls himself obese and starts a vigorous workout routine. More motivation than you could ever

  6. Can you give us some examples what you ate a day? Like how many calories? Where you in a calorie surplus or deficit? And what kind of food did you eat?

  7. Training is epic.and my family spend $3000 go to gym buying suplement workout tools etc to workout and no resultm

  8. This wouldn't work too well with really fat ppl like me. I'd really love to, but I know that after a month my knees would be worthless and I'd resemble more an old man going to grocery store, rather than someone who's excercising.

  9. If weights or resistance training can’t be done.. hold the push up position longer.
    Start out with trying to hold it on the up and down position longer. Try to get to five minutes

  10. I can count the push ups I can count the sit ups I can count the squats but I can't count the Km run how can people count the Km run?

  11. bodybuilder never runs everyday. it cannot help muscle grow up. and your weight training plan must stimulate
    all the muscles. it seems that you should buy weight training bench, dumbbell and barbell. 😃😃

  12. Yo llevo 2 semanas haciendo sentadillas y ejercicios de hombros hace una semana agregue uno de abdominales. Ahora ire a correr y agregare una rutina de flexiones. Me tomaran unas 3 hrs al dia pero estoy de vaca asi que a darle.

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