15 Min Neck Exercises – Neck Pain Stretches for Neck Pain Relief – Neck Strengthening Workout

hey everybody it’s your personal trainer
coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is 15 Min Neck Exercises Neck Pain Stretches for Neck Pain Relief Neck Strengthening Workout this
routine is broken up into two parts and part one we’re going to perform some
stretches to loosen up your neck as well as the muscles surrounding your neck and
in part two we’re going to do some strengthening exercises the only
equipment that’s required for this routine today is either a hand towel or
a resistance band all right let’s begin we’re going to start with some active
neck rotations so for all these moves that we’re going to do today Claudia and
I are going to demonstrate them standing but if you prefer you can also do them
from the seated position all right so we’re going to start with the active
neck rotation we’re starting with our head looking forward good posture now
we’re slowly going to rotate to the right and return back to Center we’re
going to do five nice controlled full rotation and every time you do this
rotation I want you to try to get a little bit more of a stretch every time
keep your shoulders down and relaxed and then back to Center on this fifth and
final one I want you to hold for 10 seconds feel a nice stretch again all
these stretches we’re going to do today I want you to take it to the point where
it feels good and not where it starts to hurt three two one zero back to Center
excellent okay let’s go to the opposite direction now full rotation and again
that usually ends up being about ninety percent of what you’re capable of that
last ten percent sometimes it could you can get there but it’s you’re not going
to get there without knee pain so we don’t want you to have pain so I decide
nice and controlled a little more movement on everyone who passed you one
more on this last one hold good full 10-second hold again feeling that
stretch nice and controlled breathing and we’re
going to hold this 1 4 3 2 1 0 good coming back to Center next we’re
going to do a active side Bend and so that’s how it’s really important you
keep your shoulders relaxed and down we’re going to take your ear and act
like we’re trying to touch our ear to our shoulder but don’t bring your
shoulder up to it instead we’re just bending over at the neck no shoulder
movement shoulders stay nice and relaxed you feel that stretch on the side of
your neck and we’re doing the same thing we’re going to go 5 left on a half full
ones and the last one hold feel that stretch again keep those shoulders
relaxed and all it can be tempting to bring that shoulder up but don’t do it
let’s hold this one 4 3 2 1 and back to Center excellent ok let’s hit the
opposite side now again nice full range of motion and you know depending on
where you have your stiffness and your tightness some of these may be easier
some of them may be harder feel free to customize this routine for your needs
movement right here last one we’re holding for 10 seconds good again just
hold and breathe shoulders stay relaxed all that stretch is just in your neck
and let’s hold this 1 4 3 2 1 0 back up excellent alright next let’s go into a
neck flexion so again certain good posture head looking straight ahead now
let’s bring that chin down into our chest and back to square 5 full
rotations on this one being sure to breathe feeling your neck loosen up just
a little bit with every rep good alright this last one and hold and so our intent
was for you to come back get a little bit better every time really
leave that pain a little more get a little looser this routine can be
repeated anywhere from three to five times per week let’s hold four three two
one zero return back up I feel that one down my back yes yes well again wherever
you’re tight you know you’re going to come home so let’s move on to some next
extension so now keeping that good forward head posture let’s bring that
chin up to the sky looking back and back to square again we’re going five full
rotation good posture shoulders stay relaxed and down no herky-jerky motions
on this one stander control excellent breathe and let’s hit that last one and
let’s hold for 10 seconds good I think you should breathe don’t hold your
breath three two one zero back to square X 1 ok so we’re going to
need that either that band or that towel that we told you were going to need at
the beginning I’m going to use a band Chloe’s going to use the towel next
we’re going to do a scalene stretch so I’d like you to hold your band or
college just behind at your back with your hands real nice and close together
I’d like you to drop your right shoulder as far down as you can keep your left
shoulder square normal drop that right shoulder now we’re going to do similar
what we did earlier with that side Bend where we try to bring that left ear to
our shoulder again this shoulder stays relaxed don’t bring this one up driving
that right shoulder down as we take our head to our left feel that stretch this
one that’s just a hold we’re not doing the active rotation at the same time
just a 10-second hold in total so let’s go four three two one zero
good let’s switch it up hit that opposite side now so drop your left
shoulder low as you can can that right shoulder square I know it’s kind of
funny and hard to do it’s called a scalene
stretch and now bring that right ear best you can to your right shoulder the
scalene is here that front of the neck that front side of the neck feel that
good stretch let’s hold this one four three two one zero and relax go ahead I
want to sight on me okay so we can set your band or towel down for the next one
we’re going to do an elevator scapula stretch for this one let’s go ahead and
pick your right hand place it up onto your right trap or up your buyer by your
neck that elbow in now with your opposite side hand I’d like you to go
ahead and go and reach behind your head we’re going to pull your head down your
chin down and at the same time we’re going to pull down to the opposite
direction so it’s dumb and to the left so not just straight down not to the
left but Barrowman to the left like we pulling that chin toward your your left
leg good do that stretch keep that hand on your trap if you can if you need to
you can move it here and again it’s just a static stretch we’re just holding on
this one and let’s hold this one four three two one zero and relax go check it
loose and let’s take that opposite side now so opposite side arm on that trap
right arm comes up over your head pull down the top of your head until my left
sides a little play day that’s it like I said perfectly normal to have one side
tighter than the other definitely do both sides just cuz I sleep on my left
side this side is really tight on me that’s definitely one major cause of
neck stiffness and neck pain and let’s hold this one for three two-one-zero actually our first
strengthening exercise is going to be a forward iso contraction so go ahead and
take one hand place it on your forehead now keeping your shoulders square we’re
going to press your head into that hand creating opposite and equal pressure
from your arm now we don’t want your head to be here and forward one two
still be straight up and down that’s just consistent pressure and you
want to feel that contraction and the front of your neck muscles making sure
to breathe and we’re just going to press and hold pressing into that hand Reed
let’s hold this one four three two one zero
good alright now let’s do the same thing but to the side so starting on your
right side you’ll place your hand on your right temple and now you’ll see on
this one I’m not actually going to turn and bend my head but instead my head is
going to go straight into this opposite hand here keep your good posture
shoulders are back just consistent pressure we’re trying to get all these
neck muscles to fire and to contract see if we have any in here that are just
asleep and refusing to fire on us for whatever reason so let’s hold this one
four three two one zero opposite side now left side I got left
temple and again we’re just creating equal pressure little isometric
contraction now I can feel it on that left side you’re not going to be
surprised if I wake up a little sore tomorrow from all of this it means it
was music I work we do ab routines and you’re hold your head up I always we
always get questions about why your neck a sore is usually why because it’s
working nothing right just like any other muscle three two one zero alright
moving on we’re going to do a chin talk so this time keeping your head nice
and straight we’re not going to do an extension to bring your chin up but I
said your chin is coming in and tucking keep your shoulders relaxed as you bring
your head back and tuck that chin I know that’s one if
you’re doing it right you can expose that double triple chin that’s okay it’s
not the most flattering I know we don’t look all that cool right now that’s okay
at least we’re not going to have a painful neck so tucking that chin
bringing it straight back feel it stretch the chin down and tuck pulling
it in just drawing it in four three two one and zero excellent okay for the next
one who needs either your your band or your towel and we are going to do a pull
apart so again that’s another isometric contraction let’s go ahead and have your
hands on that bandeau towel about nine to twelve inches apart slight bend in
your elbows and now we’re going to pull apart and just hold so we’re actually
pulling apart we’re squeezing the middle of our backs on this one now why are we
working our backs in the neck strengthening video well that’s because
your upper back muscles really help to support your head and your neck so it’s
not working alone if those muscles are weak or lengthened then it’s going to be
hard for your neck to do its job so feel those back muscles
squeezing keep those elbows up and let’s hold this one four three two one zero
excellent okay we’re going to go one more time through then set that down so
that means we’re going back to that forward ISO contraction hand is on our
floor head I know these are kind of awkward but they really do work and they
don’t require any equipment so again keep that head nice and square or
driving into that palm and we’re just holding keep squeezing Cresson forward
with your head hold this 1 4 5 4 3 2 1 0 excellent and
relaxed shake it loose and let’s do that side contraction now hands on our temple
we’re going to go into that right side again trying your best to keep your head
straight up and down and not tilting it on this one find that sweet spot where
you’re able to do that excellent work I feel better already
here hold it four three two one zero shake it loose it feels good we got one
more go let’s hit it and that left side going right through these like I said
this key can come back and repeat this routine between two to five times per
week really what your schedule allows and how much work you need but it
definitely can be done often my opposites I let’s squeeze four three two
one and zero and then all of our favorites I’m sure my favorite is the
chin tuck ok shoulders relaxed let’s get it over with guys come on now good for
making me do this in front of millions of people oh you know what our husbands
for it draw that chin back again this is a great one if you have forward head
posture or she spent a lot of time sharing your cell phone or driving
guitar or at a computer any of those things keep tucking it let’s tuck it
four five four three two one zero shake it loose okay let’s hit this last
one grab it either your band or your towel we’ll have a set of pull apart
next like bending those elbows hands are 9 to 12 inches apart and let’s pull
apart squeeze those back muscles so I don’t want you here with your shoulders
rounded 4 but make sure you have those shoulders back
and now pull apart it’s like somebody has their finger in the middle you’re
back and you’re just trying to squeeze that finger with your back pull apart
pull apart hold actually that back squeezing those elbows up let’s hold
this one four three two one zero nice job excellent work everybody I hope
you enjoyed this routine and if you did you’ve been working out with us for a
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wherever you are we are going to come find it we want to connect with you
thank you so much for giving us the privilege working out with you today I’m
coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and we will see you at your next workout

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  2. 5 months later: I am working the monthly foundation program. I am following Coach's variations more and more. I like that Claudia has the harder ab movements sometimes! I still come back to this neck stretch/strength video at least twice a week. If you have time, can you do a new neck video? Maybe all of the joints?

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