10-Minute Exercises at Work

Welcome to a spark opportunity to move
around in the middle of the day. Let’s start with a little bit motion
particularly if you’ve been sitting a lot your body needs, your muscles need, a
chance to get warmed up before you ask them to do too much, so a little marching
in place, a little rolling of the shoulders also as we begin if anything hurts stop doing it you can always go back to
a march if a particular activity doesn’t suit
your muscles. Reverse those shoulders and go the other way so safety is paramount pay attention to
posture have you got your shoulders over your hips in your hips over your
knees knees over your feet (obviously we’re
marching) but that posture will also protect you from injury all right let’s add some
hands to this hands up at the shoulders and we’re
gonna raise into the ceiling [counting] we’re gonna try do about 20 18 19 and 20 alright we’re going to lean
forward while we’re still marching and we are going to add a tricep kick so elbows up in the back like wings and
just put a arms out so the elbows stay in one
position the lower arms move [counting to 20] Stay bent forward arms to the front, palms facing each
other, we’re gonna do a fly forward out, forward out keep going concentrate on those muscles, your core
muscles, as well as your arm muscles as you tense them, they will become toned [counting to 20] We’re going to switch to the legs so this
will be an opportunity, we’ll use our arms but it’s a hamstring curl. Up with our arms each
time we kick our leg up move away from the chairs [counting to 20] Excellent. Alright, we are going to do
a knee lift, so arms will be up meeting our knees [counting] if you twist slightly with this you
will also be exercising your oblique muscles to your torso, great
balance exercises well [counting] excellent alright spread you legs about 2 to 3 feet apart, we’re going to
incorporate our arms in a little side-to-side motion with across punch again as you concentrate on doing this with muscle tone you’re much more
effective in this activity [counting] Excellent. Alright we’ll change from
aggression to a litlle hallelujah arms to one side over to the other side again a little bit of side-to-side, watching for desks, bookshelves, other encumbrances 19 20 alright awesome while your feet are apart we’re gonna do a
side to side lunge toes pointed forward and just a side
to side motion for your stretching one leg and then the other use your arms as a pointer down towards your knees you should feel this on the
inside and the outside muscles of your legs [counting] Excellent, we’ll keep working on the legs one foot forward the other foot quite a
ways in back again two to three feet, we’re gonna drop
the back knee, so knee drops you may use a table or a chair to balance drop straight down keep that front knee straight over your ankle, don’t let it go
any further forward than your foot, this is a strength
trainer all the muscles in your quad you’re leg, hamstring, are engaged. We’re doing 10 of this and one more. Excellent, switch sides again positioning is important the back
leg far enough back that as you drop the knee that your front knee does not go out over
your toe [counting to 10] excellent excellent, your legs should be
feeling it alright watching someone the office
equipment to do a few more things, we’re going to exercise arms and shoulders with a desk push-up.
Make sure the desk doesn’t move you can also use on cabinets again
making sure that they don’t move feet extended out you want your body
straight like a plank and then go down nose to the desk or the counter [counting to 10] move your hand position to where it’s
most comfortable for you keeping that body straight Excellent, and backup. All right that was a
desk, let’s use a chair. this is most effective if you have a
cheer not on wheels you can stabilizer chair against
something behind it it can still work you just don’t want to
roll around on you hands to the edges from the gym the
chair you gonna stretch your legs out drop your behind off of the chair and
exercise your triceps with a dip down, up great strength training about 10 to 12, 15 repetitions is great for strength training All right back up in the chair The chair can also be an effective way to
exercise your abdomen find a comfortable position towards the
edge in the chair either grasping the hand, the side
rails or the front of the chair knees out in front obviously feet out in
front feet together and pull your knees toward
your chest concentrating on your abdominal muscles Excellent, all right you deserve a stretch, this has been a good workout, we’ve included both the aerobic portion, get our heart rate up, and some exercise strengthening, let’s do a stretch. We worked our legs so one leg stretched out in front of
you toe coming towards your knees leaning forward at the torso this gives you a nice stretch down the
back up your leg you adjust how far you pull your toe and
how far you lean to get a stretch that feels good to you
a good amount of time for the stretches about 20 seconds a little bit longer is even better to
really release the tension in those muscles All right switch sides, let’s stand up for
this. You can do this both seated or standing Weight on the opposite leg than from the
one that’s out front pull your toe towards your knee bend at the
hips and feel that stretch up the back that release a muscle tension also helps
relax your veins in your arteries which helps
to lower blood pressure, so flexibility exercises are great for your heart health as well Alright let’s move up the legs use the
quads time to give them a stretch as well. One
effective stretch, again you may want to balance, is to grab where your shoelaces would be pull your heel towards your behind keep your knees together if that’s
difficult to do even just using a chair as a way to get
your knee bent is effective or to grab a pant leg and pull this is far up as is
comfortable for you the key is to keep your knees together, mindful of posture, mindful of that core strength that holds
you upright Alright switch sides, alright let’s stretch out the muscle across her
midsection we’ll put hands at the side leaning one
direction run that hand down your leg as far as you
can get it comfortably to go. If you want to add a little bit more stretch bring your opposite arm over your head feel that complete stretch Alright, back opposite direction arm down if you want more adding the arm over the top Alright excellent let’s use our chair
again many of these can be done both seated and standing as you’re using
a chair a good one for your torso is to grab one side and then twist towards a keeping your
hips forward but your torso twisted so the arms or
the back of the chair whatever helps you get that twisting
motion stretch opposite side again use the back or the
arm handle to get that nice twist alright again while we’re seated we can do this can also do it
standing let’s do a couple for our shoulders and arms so pat yourself on the back use your opposite arm to push that upper arm a little bit further back
or you can pull on at this direction which ever again helps you achieve the
most effective stretch pat yourself again, a little reward,
acknowledgement you’re worth it, push to the back Alright let that go let’s do one more
for the neck As you relax your neck to one side feel the stretch on the opposite side
take the hand of the side where you placed your head
and just rest it on your head to give a little bit more tension and pull to those muscles in the neck neck and shoulders are places many of us
hold a lot of tension this is a great release. Alright switch sides Neck down, hand in place to get that
little bit extra pull how fast or how slow you do the exercises in the previous part of the spark
determine your workout intensity if you want more you do it faster if you don’t need more than do it a
little bit slower but the movement itself is a huge way to release tension to
relax those muscles to increase blood flow to your brain to
give you back energy, stamina, and clarity of thought to go back to work with. Alright let that
go alright one last stretch stand-up floor
to ceiling feet planted in the floor arm stretching
to the sky you can interlace though either leave
them this way or turn them inside out and just feel a full extension with your
feet going one direction and your arms going the other final total body stretch and a reward
for spending ten minutes giving yourself a healthy treat. Thank

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