10 Minute Core Strengthening Workout For Seniors | Simple Seated Core Exercises

Hi everyone, Mike Kutcher here, your seniors health and fitness coach from morelifehealth.com and welcome to another exercise video. What we’re going to be going through today is a simple core exercise routine. I’m going to teach you the basics of strengthening your core and it can all be done in your own home, seated in a chair. That’s right, you don’t need to get down on the floor, you don’t need any special equipment to strengthen your core. You can do it completely seated in a chair. Alright, so lets get straight into it today. What we’re going to do is start with a warm up. We’re not going do the marching on the spot which we usually do. So what I’ll get you to do is place your legs out in front like I’ve already done and we’re going to put our hands on our thighs and we’re just going to slide our hands down to our knees just like this. Down to our ankles and then coming back up. What we’re doing is just warming up that spine before we get into the exercises. Loosening
it all up. Running those hands down the legs and then we’re slowly coming back up. You’ll feel a bit of stretch in the legs as well, and then we’re rotating our shoulders behind. Let’s do that once more. Coming down and then coming back up. Rotating those shoulders around. Excellent work. Now we’re just going to place our hands across our chest and we’re just going to come down. Our elbows will be touching our thighs and then we’re coming up. Let’s just do that three times. Coming down, coming up, again coming down, coming up and last one coming down, coming up. Excellent job. Taking a deep breath in and then out. Okay and now we are going to get into the first exercise. The first exercise is very simple. What I want you all doing is coming forward in the chair so there’s enough room between you and the back of the chair and throughout this exercise session we’re going be seated up nice and tall. We’re not slouching over like we usually do when we’re seated in a chair. We’re up nice and tall with our shoulders back and down and we’ve got that straight back. Okay so this is the position I want you in during this exercise session. It’s also a good position to hold yourself in throughout the day. So when you’re walking you’re always up nice and tall. When you’re seated in a chair you’re up nice and tall as well. Whenever you get a chance, whenever you realise, sitting up nice and tall, shoulders back and that back straight. Alright the first exercise we’re going to do is just activating that core and engaging that core. We’re sitting up nice and tall and what we’re doing is bracing our mid section or the core and we’re bringing our belly button to our back bone and wer’e holding it nice and tight. This is the first exercise. Our hands are going to be on our knees and we’re just going to keep that stomach nice and tight throughout and we’re going to hold it for 10 seconds and you’re following along with me. Let’s go. 10…9 keeping that core nice and tight 8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1 Now relax that stomach, taking a deep breath in…. and out… . And we’re gonna do that again, so we’re activating the core. Bringing the belly button to the backbone. I’m holding for 10 seconds. Now this is the position we’re going to keep our stomach in throughout this exercise session. So when we’re going through the exercises, we’re going to be holding our stomach nice and tight throughout, so engaging that core. Let’s go for another three more seconds 3..2..and 1. Taking a deep breath in….and out… Okay we’re getting onto the second exercise now. What we’re going to do is sit up nice and tall. Our shoulders back and down. We are not slouching over. We are up nice and tall the whole time. We’re keeping that stomach engaged. We’re going to place one hand on our thigh, the other hand by our side as we’re sitting up nice and tall and we’re just going to come down like this, keeping our stomach tight. We’re going to go for five. Let’s go 5..4…3.. keeping that stomach tight, sitting up nice and tall, don’t slouch over. 2 and last one..1. Coming up nice and tall, let’s change sides. Other arm on our leg, the opposite leg and our by our side. Bringing our belly button to our spine. We’re coming down. Great job guys. Let’s go for 5. 5..4..3..2.. and last one..1 Excellent work. Taking a deep breath in… and out… Now we are onto the next exercise . We’re going to sit up nice and tall, with our shoulders back and down. We’ve engaged that core, we’re going to place our arms by our side and what we’re going to do is just lean back, keeping that stomach tight and that straight posture. Now we’re going to come forward. This exercise is difficult if you’re keeping that straight posture. If you are finding it too easy you and can go all the way back, you’ve lost your form, you’re not doing it correctly. You want to be working the stomach and the back muscles. We’re working that whole core section. So we’re up nice and tall, we’re coming back as far as we can, whilst keeping that stomach engaged and then we’re coming forward. Let’s go for five. Going back as far as you can. Keeping that straight posture. Keeping your stomach engaged. So coming back, coming forward. Excellent job. Coming back as far as you can. Keeping that straight posture, coming forward, coming back, coming forward. Excellent work guys. Lets go for two more. Coming back, coming forward and last one. Coming back, coming forward. Excellent work guys. Take a deep breath in…. and out…Okay now we’re going to do some good morning. We’re going to place our hands by our sides like this, at 90 degrees in the elbows. Keeping that stomach tight, that upright posture. We’re coming forward and then we’re coming back. Let’s do that five times. Let’s go. Keeping that stomach tight. Forward and back. Excellent work. Coming forward and back. Coming forward, keeping that stomach tight. Coming back, maintaining that upright posture. No slouching. Shoulders back. Let’s go 2 and last one, 1. Excellent work. Taking a deep breath in…and out…. Okay getting back into that tall posture. Sitting up nice and tall. Shoulders back and down. Keeping that stomach engaged by bringing that belly button to your spine. We’re going to do some leg lifts. So its lifting the leg up, just like this and bringing it down. Make sure you’re focusing more on that stomach and not so much using the leg muscles to bring that leg up. So really concentrate on engaging that core and let’s go for five. 5…4… touching down 3….2 and last one.. 1. Excellent work. Now lets do the other leg. Up nice and tall. Shoulders back and down. Belly button to your spine. Let’s go for five. 5… keeping that core tight, 4…3 2… and 1. Deep breath in….and out. We’re going to get into the next exercise now. We’re going do some heel and toe taps. We’re going to sit upright in that chair, we’re going to place our hands on our chair, we’re engaging the core by bringing our belly button to our back bone. We’re bringing our heels out in front of us, we’re bringing our toes underneath us, just like this. Keeping that upright posture and our core engaged the whole time. Let’s go for five. Following along with me. We’re going heels and toes, heels and toes. Keeping that core engaged. Heels and toes, heels and toes. 2 more. Heels and toes. And last one. Heels and toes. Great job. Taking a deep breath in …and out…. Okay now we’re going to keep that stomach tight. We’re going to lean back. We’re going to bring the legs up and we’re just going to ride a bike for 10 seconds. Just like this. Following along with me guys. Keeping that stomach tight. Moving those legs round. Let’s go 5..4..3..2..1. Excellent job. We’re going to finish off with some stretches. What we’re going to do is pop our arms behind our head just like this. We’re going to come down each side. Lets go 3 each side. That’s 1. Coming down, maintaining that upright posture, focusing on loosening up that spine. Let’s go one more each side. Coming down. Taking a deep breath in. We’re going to pop our feet out infront again. We’re going to come down. That’s it. Then we’re going to come up. Stretching all the way up. Shoulders back and down and we’re going to come down again. Coming down. Coming up. Shoulders back, taking a deep breath in… and out…. We’re going to pop our hands behind our chest and we’re going to get into an upright posture. Our legs coming back. Stretching out that back as far as you can. Lets lift the arms up, bringing them down. Placing them on the lap. Taking a deep breath in…and out… and we’re all done for today guys. I hope you enjoyed that workout. It’s a simple core workout you can do seated in a chair. Remember when you’re sitting down on your couch, or in another chair or when you’re driving a car, remember to maintain that upright posture with your shoulders back and down and keep that core engaged okay. No slouching. Keep that stomach tight because you will find big improvements in your core strength. Thanks for following along guys. Remember to head to morelifehealth.com, sign up to my mailing list and also join the Facebook support community. I’ll catch you guys later. Stay active during the week. I’ll see you next time! (music plays)

48 thoughts on “10 Minute Core Strengthening Workout For Seniors | Simple Seated Core Exercises

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