10 Insane Secret Weapons From WWII

The Second World War saw the introduction
of hundreds of cutting-edge weapons, many of which became famous in the post-war period.
But there are lots of weapons that didn’t receive the same kind of infamy. Stay tuned
as Alltime10s brings you 10 Insane Secret Weapons From WWII. 10 LANDKREUZER P. 1000 “RATTE” If the Germans had finished building the Landkreuzer,
the 1,000-ton Ratte would have been the largest conventional tank ever built. Its name, ‘Landkreuzer’, implied that
the Nazis had envisioned the Ratte as a kind of battleship for land. In fact, the tank’s two massive 283mm cannons
were to be taken directly off the deck of a Scharnhorst-class battleship, and would
have been capable of hammering hard targets up to 27 kilometers away. If that doesn’t sound threatening enough
as it is, with armor 36 centimeters thick in some places, the Ratte would have been
almost invulnerable to all but the biggest bombs in the Allied arsenal. Despite approval and interest from Hitler,
the project was canceled by Albert Speer in early 1943, with no prototype tank ever built. 9 EARTHQUAKE BOMBS Invented by the British engineer Barnes Wallis
early in World War II, the purpose of the earthquake bomb was exactly as you would expect:
to wreak catastrophic havoc. Wallis came up with the idea when he noticed
that explosions were diffusing a great deal of force into the air, wasting much of the
explosive payload. So his drastic solution was the earthquake
bomb, a heavy explosive device with a super-hard pointed tip that would sink deep into the
Earth before detonating, producing what basically amounted to a controlled earthquake. Wallis made bombs based on the “earthquake
bomb concept”, such as the 6-ton Tallboy and the 10-ton Grand Slam.
The earthquake bombs had the ability to disrupt German industry while causing minimum civilian
casualties. They disabled the V2 factory, sunk the battleship Tirpitz and attacked many
other targets, which had been impossible to damage before. The British weren’t the only ones inventing
insanely powerful bombs during WWII though. The US and New Zealand militaries worked together
in a program called Project Seal to create the tsunami bomb. The concept was deemed feasible,
but the weapons themselves were never fully developed or used. 8 KU-GO DEATH RAY It wasn’t just the Nazis and the Allied
forces building secret super weapons throughout the second world war, the Japanese were actively
working on projects too. One of their most deadly was the Ku-Go death
ray, a concentrated beam of energy that could take down aircraft hundreds of kilometers
away. According to documents confiscated by the
US military after the war, work on a Japanese death ray began as early as 1939 at laboratories
in Noborito. Physicist Sin-Itiro Tomonaga’s team developed
a magnetron that would generate microwaves measuring 20cm in diameter, with an output
rated at 100kW. Unfortunately for the Japanese, it’s doubtful
that this technology could have worked like it does in science fiction movies. In fact, calculations suggested that the beam,
if properly focused, could have killed a rabbit over a distance of 914 meters, but only if
the rabbit stayed perfectly still for at least 5 minutes. Meanwhile, the Nazis attempted to develop
their own death ray, but in April 1945, as the war was coming to a close, the device
was taken into custody by the US Army and the designs have remained a secret. 7 GOLIATH The Nazis’ Goliath tracked mine was anything
but Goliath-like in stature. The mini-tank was 30cm tall and 120cm long
and was remotely operated to scale the walls of trenches and battlefields, carrying between
50 to 100 kg of high explosives to deliver its payload to defensive positions.
It was controlled via joysticks connected by three 640cm cables – one each for steering,
throttle, and load detonation. The Nazis built more than 7,000 Goliaths during
the war and these little vehicles paved the way for radio-controlled weapons. Unfortunately for the Germans, Goliath tanks
didn’t come cheap, costing 3000 Reichsmarks in 1942. In today’s money, that’s around
$17,000 a pop, so the motors proved far too expensive and maintenance was very intensive
for use. So the electric motor was quickly swapped
out for a cheaper, simpler, and far louder gas engine. This turned out to be a blessing
for Allied forces, who could now easily locate them and deactivate them before the bombs
went off. 6 FUKURYU SUICIDE DIVERS During WWII, the Fukuryu were a vital part
of the Japanese Special Attack Units who were enlisted to resist the invasion of the Home
islands by Allied forces. Around six thousand men were trained and equipped
with diving suits that contained 15kg of explosives attached to a 5-meter bamboo pole. The divers, weighed down by 9kg of lead, would
walk underwater for as long as six hours and at depths of 5-7 meters. Upon reaching the hull of an enemy ship, the
kamikaze frogmen would detonate the explosives, blowing up the ship and killing themselves
in the process. It’s not known if this suit was ever used
in combat, but there are accounts of US infantry landing craft and a surveyor ship being attacked
by suicide swimmers. 5 VORTEX CANNON The Nazis loved building super weapons and
the Vortex Cannon will go down in history as one of their most insane inventions. Developed in an underground lab in Stuttgart,
the purpose of the Vortex Cannon was to shoot down planes with tornadoes. We shit you not. The gun would shoot large shells composed
of slow-burning explosives and coal dust into the air. So, when shot into the clouds, the
shell would create a vortex that could incapacitate planes and even make small tornadoes. Fortunately for the Allies, the Nazis had
difficulties with targeting the shots, so they never had the chance to use one in combat. 4 SUN GUN If you thought the idea of the death ray seemed
insane, wait til you hear about the sun gun. In a nutshell, Nazi scientists wanted to harness
the very power of the Sun itself to destroy anyone who dared get in the way. The so-called “sun gun” would be part of a
space station 8,200 kilometers above Earth. German scientists calculated that a huge reflector,
made of metallic sodium and with an area of 9 square kilometers, could produce enough
focused heat to make an ocean boil or even burn a city. In post-war interrogations, it was revealed
that Nazi scientists were not only working on this idea, but fully believed that such
a device could be operational within 50 years. 3 EXPLODING RATS Following the fall of France in the summer
of 1940, Winston Churchill promised to “set Europe ablaze”. To that end, British secret agents were equipped
with an assortment of highly experimental weapons, gadgets and bombs that were made
to look like soap, shoes, suitcases – and even rats. Around 100 rodent carcasses were filled with
plastic explosives and due to be distributed near German boiler rooms. When Nazi guards
spotted them, they would immediately be thrown on to the fire, causing a huge explosion. At least, this is what the British hoped would
happen. Instead, the Germans intercepted the container of dead rats before they could be
used for “operational purposes”. But all was not lost. Their discovery prompted
a hunt for thousands more of the rats that the enemy believed were distributed on the
continent, taking up enough German resources that the operation was deemed a success by
the British. 2 BAT BOMB Rats weren’t the only animals used to disguise
bombs during WWII, bats were experimented with too. The bat bomb consisted of a casing with over
a thousand compartments, each containing a hibernating Mexican free-tailed bat with a
small timed incendiary bomb attached. The kamikaze bats would be dropped from planes
at dawn and the casings would deploy a parachute in mid-flight and open to release them. They’d
then roost in roofs in a 30-60 km radius. Each bat would gnaw the string that attached
it to the bomb and take flight again, leaving the structures riddled with mini-bombs. The incendiaries would then start fires in
inaccessible places, the belief being that the bat bombs would cripple the largely wood
and paper construction of the Japanese cities. Tests were carried out and many proved successful
– in one instance a mock up Japanese village burned to the ground. However, in 1944 the
project was side-lined, not for sheer lunacy, but because all resources were being redirected
to that great destroyer: the atomic bomb. 1 I-400 AIRCRAFT CARRIER SUBMARINE Of all the secrets revealed at the war’s end,
very few came as a bigger shock to Allied forces than Japan’s two fully operational,
aircraft-carrying submarines. Absolutely gigantic for the time, the I-400
class submarine carried three Seiran light torpedo bombers, each capable of delivering
907kg of bombs more than 480 kilometers from the submarine itself. The I-400s were built specifically for surprise
attacks on American west coast cities – and could potentially have blasted as far inland
as Las Vegas. However, technical issues, wartime shortages,
and the death of Admiral Yamamoto, who was the brainchild of the aircraft submarine,
kept Japan from using them in large numbers, but the two that did exist were completely
operational and prowling the Pacific. In fact they were en route to their first
combat mission when the war ended. Los Angeles avoided bombs on Hollywood Boulevard by mere
days – and only because of the bomb on Hiroshima. Thanks for watching 10 Insane Secret Weapons
From WWII, which of these weapons do you think is the most insane? Let us know in the comments
below and while you’re here, why not check out 10 Bizarre Wars History Completely Forgot.

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  1. 10. In 1900-1945 projected many analogical sci-fi tanks, biggest – 30000+ tons.
    9. Secret? Unique? In USSR created FAB-9000 and projected FAB-10000
    8. Death ray? Standart sci-fi weapon from 1890th, projected in many countries, in USA, Russian Empire and USSR, German and other.
    7. Analogical weapon created in France and Russia in WW1.
    6. Ok, really strange weapon.
    5. Ok.
    4. Sci-fi paper.
    3. and 2. Ok. But, exposive cats, dogs, birds and other animals used in ancient Chine.
    1. Ok. But, analogical submarines projected in many countries, in USSR engineer Nazilevskiy projected underwater aircraft carrier, unbiult – "this is a idiotism, huge project and small efficiency".

  2. Germans had already problems with moving the 190 ton Maus, "The Rat", being 5 times that, wouldn't ever have moved.

    Deathrays are nearly impossible to make at the current stage of tech. It's basically concentrating a FUCKLOAD of some sort of energy into a small space, but what kind of energy would kill? Heat? How do you concentrate that? Anyone, who's thinking of building a deathray, stop it.

    The fukuryu were a joke, the explosive force it delivered would've been too small. All it takes is to seal of the compartment that was hit. This is expecting that the bomber actually made it to an enemy ship, which is unlikely.

    Controlling the weather is pretty hard, the only way we've controlled the weather so far is fucking pollution.

    Harnessing the heat rays of the sun for a laser, might be the only way to make a "death ray". It's that, it's a fucking massive satellite really fucking far away from earth, meaning it would cost a mountain of money, fuel, time and other resources for it to MAYBE function.

    Using animals for bombing is ineffective and disgusting. Wouldn't recommend.

    The I-400 was probably the most effective japanese prototype of the war. Still have no clue why we don't have aircraft carriers that are subs.

  3. Macarthur 5 star Us general after During korean war wanted to nuke China North Lorea abd Russia and take land all across Asia and defeat Communism with over 20-30 nukes the US had at the time

  4. 2 Ratte prototypes were build.. not ready ofr use, bud the chassis filmed with weight to study how it worked.. 1 was blown up by the Germans themselves, the other is at display in Russia somewere

  5. The German Ratte tank would just run out of fuel and the crew would be like “oh shiesse” as their tank was bombed to hell by allied bombers also man power shortages would probably render the vehicle short of a radio man and probably a loader and would just combine jobs

  6. Goliath would just be an easy target for a sniper who wants to blow something up since it carries explosives and again with the ratte oil shortages

  7. I like how your videos are shit and some things that never existed or straight propaganda while leaving out truly neat things.
    For example, you could have talked about the balloon bombs that actually not only hit America but are still killing people because they didn't go off when they landed and people discover them decades later and decide to hit or open them.

  8. The Germans were highly intelligent people but it's sad that the intention of these scientist were to kill people.

  9. From Wikipedia, "On May 19, 1991, the two sides came to an agreement that Zhenbao Island was part of the territory of the PRC; the Soviet troops withdrew."
    You reported it the other way.

  10. The pigeon project, pigeon guided missiles!!!! where one to three pigeons trained to steer a bomb towards enemy ships or targets. That's by far the most insane idea above these ones.

  11. at about 01:00 u tell something pretty false. the 36cm thick armor was on the sides. on the front, it was 50cm! (and 20cm on the rear, quite hilarious)

  12. Another Secret Weapon the United States had was a Bomb that made Everyone Forget that WITHOUT RUSSIA and the Sacrifice those Brave Men Endured for YEARS(Stalingrad for Example), Never Happened and "Murica Won the Entire War by Themselves!

    EDIT: Murica: "Oh and the UK Kinda Helped Here and There! BUT 'MURICA LOL!"

  13. I don't wanna die down dead. I heard a rumor that if I ever die, I'll never be able to live again forever & ever, amen. I want to live throughout eternity, into; 2 hours 27 minutes, & 15 seconds after the end of time. I'm willing to dye but not to die. I'll dye bright yellow fabric dark purple, but I don't wanna die. Beavers dam rivers & God might damn me, dammit ta hell.

  14. But why use metallic sodium as a reflector? Aluminum would probably be better. Especially since sodium very quickly tarnishes with an oxide layer while being worked with on Earth. Aluminum might weigh more, but iirc it's far more reflective and oxidates slower.

  15. You guys forgot ,also about the " Die Glocke " Or, The nazi " BELL"
    Crazy shit! Check it Out!!


    Theres ah ton of info on this. I just randomly picked this one.

  16. BAT bomb. The fastest flying, not diving, animal unexpectantly, is the Mexican freetail bat. Why they were chosen for burning Japanese buildings?

  17. About Goliath: "… it was connected by three 640 centimetre cables…" 
    That would give it a range of less than 22 Feet, making it a perfect kamikaze weapon for any operator. 
    Another example which demonstrates that it's about time that Myanmar, Sierra Leone and the US switch over to the metric system.
    FWIW: the cables were 640 metres, giving it a pretty safe range for its operators.

  18. Jesus Christ, at least make an EFFORT to pronounce it correctly. WTF is "krowser"? KREUZER. It's not hard to let it be pronounced by an online dictionary before shooting a video.

  19. Don't forget that for the second to last one it was also halted because it blew up one of the storage huts used for the bombs as the bats escaped if I'm correct.

  20. Endless details about WW2, but never the really important stuff: The worldwar II makers: IG Farben (Bayer, BASF, Hoechst etc.) The corporate sponsors of Auschwitz – Paul Anthony Taylor, 22 May 2015 ​www.youtube.com/watch?v=6PPZWBOlVyg Documents: www.profit-over-life.org

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