78 thoughts on “10+ Incredible Facts About Swedish Army (Svenska armén)

  1. This channel all his focus is Sweden I don't know that.
    However I would like to talk about African countries especially my country somalia💙

  2. The world wide can't except war so plz stop about to talking soldiers or military so plz focusing about like how is peace, education, tourist and etc in Sweden. Really if you talk about that many pple will watching you channel

  3. The swedish army?
    Those pussies haven't been in a war for 400 years!
    They have no battle experience.

    They also use conscripts!!
    No professional army.
    Not even a member of NATO.
    No experience.

    But, hey… you're Canadian or some shit so it's understandable you have no clue.

  4. you should do a video about sweden under the cold war its very intresting! (we had up to 850 000 soldier in the 1950's)

  5. One about nlmarsof the dutch marine special forces. I Know you’ve done the army special forces etc but can you please do one about nlmarsof there’s alot to tell about them and talk

  6. You could maybe make a video about commanders? Don't really know if there's a lot of "famous" Swedish commanders, but it might be interesting.

  7. Well, the Royal Lifeguard formed by Gustav Vasa is THE Oldest military unit that is still in Service. It is an almost 500 year of continous service

  8. Also, Sweden and Denmark holds the world record of recorded armed conflict between two nation. And that is despite us having been at peace for 200 years

  9. Also, the Homeguard may be classified as reservists but many of us have almost a year of conscript training as the base. Many are also veterans from international service.
    And my own battalion have our very own "Chef Ryback".

    Never ever underestimate a resevist "militia" unit.

    Technically the Homeguard could be classified as Motorized infantry with some formations having all-terrain capability

  10. Great video man!

    Mabye you could talk about Bodens Fortress? It was like the biggest and oldest military bunker.

    Or mabye other bunkers in Sweden? Hidden naval bunkers?

    Did you know that Sweden found several non exploded V-1 V-2 rockets during WWII? They took it, made experiments with it.

    Mabye you could talk about the carl gustaf recoilless rifle that alot of countries use? Or the AT-4? Or the Archer system?

    Just keep the videos coming, i love em =)

  11. Today Sweden only use the strv 122(based on the Leopard 2A5) in active service, strv 121 (Leopard 2A4) vent out of service in 2000

  12. Man the government may suck here ATM (but what European country's government DOESN'T suck right now?), but at least we have out incredible army going for us. One of the few things I'm actually proud of here

  13. It is true that sweden had the third largest air force but it wasnt during the second world war we had the 3rd largest during the cold war, and also the Kpist m/45 was adopted by the swedish armed forces just after ww2

  14. Just a hint, Swedes tend to pronounce acronyms as words, so if you spell it out like "K-P -I-S-T" you are 99,95% of the times going to miss pronounce it. 😀

  15. One interesting fact about Sweden's military is that since they scrapped their conscription they basically outsourced their defence to Finland in case of an all out land invasion.

    Sweden's got a lot more money to put into their military, but dang it they have downsized their capabilities to be a mere shadow of what it used to be.

    Get your act together Sweden! If Russia becomes militarily aggressive your miniscule professional army will be diminished right out of the bat, and there's only so much we can do here in Finland to act as your buffer zone.

    You got the means, could have plenty of equipment and a formiddable domestic arm manufacturing base there in Sweden, now drag out the will once again to have the military you had not so long ago (you know when you used to have hundreds of fighter aircrafts and an army reserve to be reckoned with).

  16. The Vasa ship that you did talk about is actually not named after Gustav Vasa himself. It’s named after the Vasa Dynasty that Gustav II Adolphus was a part of who decided to build this ship.

  17. There is a vasa ship museum in Stockholm And in sweden we have a big ski race that happens every year in winter its a race to remind when sweden took there justice! (Gustav Vasa won the war and made sweden sweden today) But back to the race its called "VasaLoppet" and thousands of people ski and its a long bit to ski (dont know how many miles but its long..) So Yea there is some Swedish facts for ya'll (spotify was made by sweden)

  18. Hate to be this guy but, the Swedish Homeguard is the Swedish Homeguard and not part of the Army, Navy or Air force.

  19. I really recommend the serie “Jägarsoldat” it’s a series where you get to follow around a group of teenagers who are doing “lumpen” it’s in Swedish but it’s very good.

  20. Sweden, regardless of what anyone says, has never been neutral, Sweden has participated in one form or another throughout history!

  21. Sweden has fought in at least 200 wars in its existance, btw i love your videos❤️lots of love from sweden (im joining the swedish airforce)

  22. Thanks for good videos. Always interesting. A heads up. The "life guard" or as it's called in sweden "Livgardet". History wise it's the regament dedicated to keeping the head of the country (the king) alive. These days the most specialized in conflicts in urban enviroment. Would be cool if you made a video about them. "Strid i bebyggelse" – the old fältjägarna.

  23. My grandpa during the ww2 he was guarding the railroads up in northern Sweden and he had orders to fire upon the trains transporting Germans to Norway

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