#1 Best Exercise To Fix Hunchback Posture

>>MARK: Hi! If you are watching for the first
time, I’m Mark Perry the creator of BuiltLean.com which is your simple, efficient and science-based
guide to fitness. A few years ago I put up a video on YouTube
about 5 exercises to help improve hunchback posture and it now has over 500,000 views. There’s one exercise that I wish I included
that I’ve since learned, and I think it’s the most effective exercise of all. Before I tell you this exercise, I’m gonna give you a quick overview of what
hunchback posture is: Hunchback posture is when the upper back
rounds excessively, which creates very high tension in the muscles
in your upper back, kinda like when you pull a rubber band apart. This high tension forces not to be able to contract properly and also creates a lot of tightness in what’s supposed
to be a mobile area in the body. Here are the muscles just to give you
a quick visual the top muscle is the trapezius. This can
get very tight and overstretched. We take that away, and you’re left with
the lat muscle and the rhomboids. If you take those away and keep on going down,
and you’ll see al these muscles alongside your spine which are collectively referred to as your
erector spinae or spinae muscles. If you peel them all the way you’ll see
all these little muscles alongside your vertebral column. So as you can see
there are a lot of muscles they’re all along the upper back that
can get super tight and you can feel very stiff. And do you think a foam roller or upper
back foam roller is really gonna help you relieve the tension in the muscles?
I don’t think so. However there is a tool, that I have right
here which is called a rad-roller that I think can really help relieve the tension
in your upper back and help improve your hunchback posture and I’m going to show you how to use it, and how I use it with my friends and
family and clients a rad roller is like two rubber balls
stuck together, and there are three different intensities,
there’s a green, the green’s soft
and a blue, kinda medium hard, and then you got the black which is stiff.
How it works, is I wanna start out lying on the ground with your knees up and I want you to put the rad roller in
the middle of your back so that it’s straddling your spine. You’re gonna lie back comfortably,
so your head is neutral and lying on the ground you’re going to slowly move up one or two
inches and then you’re going to relax and hold that
spot for about 5-10 seconds. You’re gonna continue doing this all the way
up until you’re at the top of your shoulder blades. To make this more intense,
and as you progress, when you are holding it on that spot, for 5 to 10 seconds, you can lift your arms
up over your head and then back down again. You can even start doing snow angels
just with your arms, to make it even more intense and to really
take into the muscle more effectively. You can also drop down your knees
as well. Finally, the most advanced way to do this
and what I’d recommend you work up to, is to cross your arms over your chest,
almost like you are hiding yourself, lift up your hips, and then start rolling all across your
thoracic spine which is that upper back area we’re trying to loosen up. And get more mobile. And there’re a few more
tips I wanna mention as you’re doing this. The first, is to breath deeply through your
belly. If you don’t breath deeply it’s not gonna
help relieve the tension in your back so breathing, again, through the belly,
into your belly is extremely important. The second tip is to keep your ribcage down
when you are flexing your arms over your head. And this is important because you are not using your lower back, and flaring your ribs
for keeping your lower back in place and trying to get the mobility and that
flexibility from your upper back. Third, is to keep your head neutral, you wanna try to avoid bending your head back
when you’re on the ground, you wanna try to keep it it neutral
in line with your spine and also it makes it feel a bit more intense. Fourth, is that, this may be very intense and pretty
painful first time you do it and my brother joked that is should
be renamed the torture roller instead of the rad roller,
and it’s the first time he tried it, it can be very intense but the cool thing
is the more you do it, the easier it’s gonna
be, you might notice some pretty dramatic improvements
within only a week. The fifth tip is you try to wear tight fitting
clothing, or tucking your shirt because if you don’t, the clothing is gonna
bunch up as you roll up and down your back. Now there is, there are alternatives to
ride roller, one kinda budget option is to just basically tape two lacrosse balls
together, and this is sometimes called a peanut. I learned this from Kelly Starrett of
MobilityWOD, I watch all their videos which is really helpful. The problem with lacrosse balls, is that
they’re very hard and the rad roller for me it’s just,
it’s softer, and it helps dig into the muscle more
effectively in my opinion. So this feels like it’s kinda, mushing
the muscle, versus kinda massaging it. That’s my opinion again, this is more
the budget option. The rad roller’s around 25 bucks, this
may be around 10 bucks. It’s also important to mention, if you do
not change your lifestyle habits in your posture, then the rad roller’s not gonna help
you very much, right? So, focus on your posture when you’re sitting
at a desk, even think about the pillow you’re using when you’re sleep. That can certainly affect your posture. When you are looking at your posture, all
these little things that you don’t really think about can all affect your posture and so,
addressing your posture and combined with using a rad roller, with
some of the other exercises I mentioned can really help make a significant difference
I think in as little as a week for sure. I also recommend you do it 2-3 times a day,
even more a day, the more times you use it, I think the more effectively help relieve
tension, you don’t want to use it too much or it can start lead to some bruising. I think minimum, you want to do it once
a day, that’s personally what I do, and I have my friends and family and clients
do so. I hope you enjoyed this video, I encourage
you share this video with your friends and family, also I encourage you to subscribe to
this channel, and check out BuiltLean.com I have hundreds of articles that are research
based and medically reviewed to help you reach your potential, so thanks again for watching, and
hope to see you again soon.

83 thoughts on “#1 Best Exercise To Fix Hunchback Posture

  1. thx for your video. i have been having back problems for some time .. just ordered my rad ball on ebay after seeing your video .. cant wait for the delivery.Β 

  2. @BuiltLeanΒ Hi Marc! Been following you for a while and I have applied probably most of your advices from your Channel and Articles from your website. I managed to lose 30 pounds but I gained 20 pounds back. I know how to lose the weight but I can seem to maintain it after the dieting…

  3. I'm doing your exercises plus a few others. Question: I have a shiatsu massager that fits in a chair. Sometimes I put it on the floor and lay on it. The balls in the massager act pretty much like the RadRoller. However, they do a sort of orbital motion along the spinal column. Any issues I should be aware of? Thanks for the vids.

  4. There isn't any in stock on Amazon, is there any other place i can buy these? Also can i get them from the uk

  5. Thank you so much for this video and it works well for me. Though I did not got rod roller (not available in India), I tied 2 tennis ball with a tape and made it. Thank you…

  6. Great advice knowledgable youtuber. Just need to make terms more simplistic for youtube population no fancy words like ummm more chillaxed explainations, fuck the product being used find cheap things for people to use less explaination on that. would increase youtube potential.

  7. Hey mark, please answer this. I'm 14,really skinny and want to build muscle. I want to build muscle because whenever I play football for my football team I just get pushed around! I've tried to workout before but nothing happened after 2 weeks? Please help

  8. all that can be done with a simple exercise called "Scaption" using exercise tubing but nice job nonetheless

  9. I do the lacross ball against the wall… hits the same spots pretty, if there is a really bad spot I'll lay down on the ball right on that spot.

  10. can this help the whole thoracic spine w/ myofascial release? I've seen others like this being sold and people say that it doesn't fit properly around their spine which makes sense because everyone's spine is different.

  11. My back isnt round in the very top of my neck Its a hunchback my back is straight but my hunchback is supper rounded

  12. Hi, thanks a lot for your videos about how to correct hunchback posture. They are very helpful! I have a quick question, do you think posture correcting devices with straps that pull your shoulder back when your wear them actually help reduce hunchback, or do they just become a clutch that don't really help you in the long run?

  13. Thank you for your video. I tried the exercise and felt good afterward. During is painful. My question is I am short.when I am on the roller my head cannot align with the spine, my chin can't tuck in. Will this be a problem?

  14. I used two golf balls taped together and it ruined my back, lol. I had to go fix it, so beware. Larger softer balls should be ok tho.

  15. Hi
    what about forward neck posture? Doesn't it have somewhat connection with thoracic flexion? I have been working on my thoracic hunchback, but I have problems keeping my head/neck vertical when sitting and standing.

  16. I dont think this would help me, since i have scoliosis. But one thing that does help me, is my chiropractor. He does this massage thing where he pushes and pulls my back and makes it pop a lot, and when i stand up, i instantly have near perfect posture (thats where my neck comes in. But thats a different story)

  17. Hi I just subscribed I love your videos by the way. I just need help out of these 3 which one would I pick to purchase. I have a big ball from being hunchback and it's getting worse that my neck is going into pain I'm getting headaches. I just really want to resolve this please help me? Thank you -nessy

  18. Thanks for the video; I just made one of those peanuts out of tennis balls and like they way it works. I didn't know there was a professional version out there, I like the look of it and will get one.

    One question, if you would. I've watched a ton of videos, read a lot of articles on fixing posture/kyphosis. Yet none of them seem to address one of my main difficulties, and I'm not sure if that's because I'm a special snowflake, or it just isn't addressed. Basically, standing up straight causes my back to strain painfully and begin to cramp up after only a short while. And it's been that way for a long, long time. I keep working at it, trying to build up my endurance to standing up straight, but progress, if there is any, is slow, and my back muscles, specifically the erector spinae it feels like, are often sore.

    Related, and I think this illustrates the problem, but I recently tried the exercise where you sit straight against a wall…butt, back, shoulders, and the back of the head all touching the wall. I can't quite make my shoulders touch the wall, but anyway, my back muscles, again the erector spinae, begin to cramp almost right away. Do others experience this?

  19. I find many many videos such as these having some moron, idiot or really stupid people 'disliking' the video! Is this from another physical trainer due to jealousy or fun click to just despise something useful!
    The video has really helped understand the issue and hope more people use it for betterment of their physical 'life'! Thank you.

  20. It looks so painful to do this on the ground since you have so much weight. Do you think it would be effective to do it against a wall? I've been massaging my rotator cuff with a lacrosse ball against the wall, but am very interested to try something like this to maintain neck and back flexibility, as I am prone to knots and tightness.

  21. Thank you so much Mark. This was really the best $25 dollar ive ever spent. Really gets those unreachable stiff muscles along the spine. By far my favorite exercise to fix slouching.

  22. hello, I am 37 year old male and structural thoracic kyphosis please advise exercises to improve the posture

  23. At the age of 70, I'm curious to see if this can help me to change my slump over posture. I'm a singer and have bent over a word processor and piano for many years, but when I see myself in my videos I'm shocked at my bent posture . . . we'll see.

  24. Hi, I am currently using a rad roller and I do find it helpful to relieve tension in my upper back however, recently I was thinking on getting a stiff rad roller in order to see some results and changes
    When would you recommend this?

  25. $25 for a single peanut is ridiculous. This is not a "special" product
    there are plenty of companies selling the same thing with equal or even
    better quality for much cheaper. Also, saying a lacrosse ball mushes the
    muscle instead of massaging it like your "rad-roller" is absurd. First,
    this product is a glorified lacrosse peanut, second, lacrosse balls are
    highly effective for myofascial release. And if they are too hard for
    an individual just get a damn tennis ball and work your way up to a lacrosse ball. This
    video has good info but save the bs advertisement.

  26. I'm 16 and have a bent back and I've been told mostly by my mum and gran that because I slouch a lot or sit forward so that's why I have a hunchback…. can it really be fixed tho?? I don't want to live like this forever

  27. What do you think of the RAD Helix? I have major upper back pain and a curved back. I know it's more expensive but I don't care. whatever works best.

  28. dang that looks like it would feel so good. I been told that I hunch my back alot. I don't relelize it though. This would feel good cause my back does have alot of tension mid upper back

  29. This would only increase the problem. The upper-back is already elongated and weak, that's what's causing this in the first place. Why would roll upper-back instead of rolling pecs and strengthening the upper-back?

  30. Mine came in today and I laid on it like Marc above and i felt some of the most deep satisfying crunches in my spine. Stood up feeling nice πŸ™‚

  31. Just got my blue colour Rad Roller today!
    OMG It should indeed be renamed “The Torture Roller“!! I can not believe when I see that you are able to put your entire upper body weight on the rad roller and roll on it !! Its literally INSANE !!

    Jokes aside, it looks like a very effective tool that really works very well to massage the back/shoulder muscles!!

  32. I seriously don't understand the logic here, your back is hunched therefore the muscle in your back are stretched… so you stretch them even more? It makes more sense to take the Elliot Hulse approach and bend backwards on a "bio stool" to the stretch the muscles on the front of your body pulling you over

  33. Really seems like it works but just saying but $24.99 is too much to pay for 2 soft balls put together. The amount I would pay is max $15

  34. I know nothing about my hunchback problem but wouldn't this product make it worse? can someone reply to me how the product did and if it helped their hunchback posture.

  35. This may be a silly question, but would this be affective if the "hump" isn't caused by poor posture, but instead by genetics [thanks, mom]? My neck and shoulder structure are rather quirky, especially for a female – I have broad shoulders, naturally monstrous trapezius muscles, and of course, a hump that is better suited for a camel. I have good posture, and no amount of adjusting myself can hide the bump. If I am unable to find a natural solution, I will look further into surgery.

  36. I love your videos; however, I am fused from T9to L2 and have a broken proximal humerus. Thus, I have head forward and kyphosis. I ran and got a Rad Roller. My question to you is it safe to use? My last back surgery was in 1/2017 to remove an awful pain stimulator where paddles leading up into my spine were removed. I was fused in 2004 after a compression fracture. I had undergone several other surgeries before the fusion (I wonder if I was part of a payment toward a Condo in the
    Cayman Islands!)

  37. Hi thanks for the great video but I have very Advanced ankylosing spondylitis and of course osteoporosis because of it and kyphosis very bad because of both the problem is there I can't do any exercises on the floor even if I had a mat I'm not able to get up off the floor just like I can't get up out of a bathtub I'm not fat either by the way so could I do these on my bed I mean it's firm but not certainly not a a flat hard surface like a floor being on my spine is pure torture for me let me know if you have any idea ideas I'd appreciate it thanks

  38. I have one of those but I bought it from Marshalls. My back feels amazing and I've only done this once πŸ˜‚πŸ’–πŸ‘πŸ»

  39. Could you/anyone tell me whether this exercise is significantly different from lower back foam rolling? I bought a RR partly because of this video, but now I'm scared to try these exercises because of this video where the guy says NEVER foam-roll your lower back:

  40. WARNING: Okay so, anyone watching this please be careful, as someone with hunchback who believes in trying to help themselves I watched this video and then stupidly went online and purchased the blue Rad. It arrived the next day and i copied what Mark did in the video, only problem was I couldn't lay completely down once the Rad was underneath me, maybe its because as hunchbacks our bodies are so out of alignment? Anyhow it meant i was stuck with my top half floating and the Rad pressing uncomfortably into my lower half. I eventually managed to free myself from the position but not before seriously straining stomach and back muscles, getting an infection & having severe diarrhea, which then caused another infection and a hellava lot of pain. I've been unable to eat solids & had to live on soup & painkillers for the last fortnight. Docs say i'vet got to wait until the muscles heal and not do exercise or lift anything. I just wish i could go back and not be a Muppet by listening to people in Youtube videos, but i did, so let it be a warning to others. I'm sure the Rad may work for some, especially if your fit, but i wouldn't recommend trying this if you already have back problems or other illness. Stay Blessed X

  41. What is the exact balance between exercises like this being:
    A) psychological, so later when I'm sitting/standing (or lying down) I think "Oh right, I need to move my back the way the RR was showing me!", and:
    B) physical, like bicep curls, where I've built more muscle and can hold my back better, like lifting heavier boxes?

  42. I have a whiplash it
    Feels like i have a blugging
    muscle on the left side
    across shoulder blade
    My neck feels stiff turning left to right

  43. thank you so much!! Just stumbled upon this myself, and love how it triggered my parasympathetic system… as in my face got really warm, and my whole upper body feeling tingling with warmth, and my breathing shifted. Love the RAD ROLLER!! So important to use your breath well in this, as well as for me, keep scapula down and in (as I have a wonky shoulder).

  44. I thought that it was important NOT to massage the back if you have a hunched posture, and that a roller should only be used to stretch the chest and ab.s. Your explanation of the anatomy of the upper back is the best on youtube!

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