👀 Best Non Surgical Eye Lift Exercise (Ptosis Exercise) to Look Younger 👌

hey gorgeous great to see you and thank
you for dropping in today for having a look at the video today we’re going to
be talking about the eye exercise that goes with the Exercise Along With Me
Series 2 so go get yourself comfortable and I’ll be back soon hello
thank you again for coming in I really do appreciate it today we’re talking
about the eye exercise that is part of the exercise along with me Series 2 now
as you know all of these updates and all of the exercises have to be done as part
of a full-face routine you cannot do any of these exercises as standalone
exercises because you will create more wrinkles and in fact what will happen if
you do exercise is just one exercise and that’s it you run the risk of compacting
the muscles together now I have seen this happened to people
that they have done one exercise that’s all they’ve done they’ve done many
repetitions and their muscles do start to compact and it makes your face look
misshapen so you do have to do this exercise as part of Exercise Along With
Me Series 2 so this Hooded Eye Exercise is exactly that it helps hooding over
your eyes now basically what we’re attempting to do is to exercise the
muscle so it rolls the skin back and that’s really what we’re tempting to do
here and again this is why we need to do a full face routine because the forehead
exercise exercises the muscles so that they start to lift up and then in the
lifting it also helps roll up the eye and it helps lift the hooded skin that’s
that’s dropping over your eye so it’s a very important exercise as part of this
routine and I am going to show you some new tips and some little things on how
to do it better and more comfortably than what we do is we place our fingers
on the corners of our eyes right on the sockets and this then holds back the
crow’s feet and prevents the eye from wrinkling further we then place our middle finger right in line with the iris of
our eye and we pace our ring finger on the inside edge of our eye now when we
do this exercise you can rest your little fingers there that’s fine
whatever’s comfortable what we do is we actually press down we don’t push up so
no pushing up like this and you don’t need to do that you just need to place
your eyes on to your brow just just underneath your brow as you can see
where it my fingers are placed they’re not placed up here they’re not placed
here and they’re not pushing up they are placed firmly through a pressing plant
technique firmly on my brows just underneath the eyebrow line now when you
do this exercise you need to really lay your finger along those crow’s feet and
you really do need to isolate them so then you what you do is you just close
and open your eyes gently and you squeeze gently as you’re doing it now
the idea is not to squeeze too much especially in this section because if
you’re feeling a pull of skin and it’s starting to pull too hard or maybe have
a stretching feeling you need to not squeeze too hard when you’re doing it if
you put too much effort into it you could run the risk of stretching the eye
skin so it’s a very delicate balance that you need to find out yourself I can
give you the warnings I can say to you don’t don’t put too much effort into it
don’t stretch the skin up when you’re doing it don’t push it up when you’re
doing it just press and plant your fingers on your eyes and then open and
close your eyes and as you close your eyes just give a little squeeze I’ll
show you what I mean and it’s just a little squeeze you might
hear a vibration in your ear that’s fine that’s just a tiny little squeeze now if
you find that your eyes become dry while you’re doing this and I do find it
sometimes waking up in the morning because I mainly do my exercises in the
morning sometimes my eyes become a little dry so what I tend to do is I can
keep my eyes closed and still squeeze them and still do the exercise and what
I’m doing is my eyes are closed but I’m still squeezing those muscles so either
way is fine okay you can do it opening and closing your eyes or you can do it
just closing your eyes and using the eye muscles as you’re doing it if you find
that your eyes do not get dry it’s preferable to open and close them but if
they do get dry you can close them and squeeze them as you’re doing it so let’s
give this one more go fingers placed on your crow’s feet
middle finger in line with the iris of your eye lip ring finger in the corner
of your eye now just place your your fingers you notice I’m not pushing up
like this just place your fingers underneath the brow and do the exercise
again you’re just squeezing to the point where it’s comfortable you’re not going like this is nothing
like this going on okay not doing that all you’re doing is
squeezing your actual eyelids and in fact if you feel these muscles
are the skin underneath your fingers moving and crinkling it means that you
are actually putting too much effort into it so you cannot put that much
effort into it it’s really super important that you understand how to
have the correct form when you’re doing these exercises once you practice and
what you watch the video over and over and really look to see where my fingers
are placed then you’ll start to understand how to do the exercises
correctly so I hope that is something that has helped you understand that
exercise a little bit more today again it’s an eye exercise and you do need to
do it as part of the Exercise Along With Me Series 2 and not as a standalone
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all very dedicated to the exercises all dedicated to learning how to rejuvenate
yourself naturally and it’s a real credit to you guys so thanks for coming
by and I’ll see you next time bye never bothered about what could be
coming every day

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