✈️What Emirates Airline Attendants Are Trained To Do When Passengers Become Unruly

A disruptive passenger is “A passenger who
fails to respect the rules of conduct on an aircraft. Fails to follow instructions and ther-eby
disturbs the good order on the aircraft.” Hi I’m Orlando and you’re watching WishCasting! We do world travel guides and try to get you
traveling for free by joining Emirates. One of the highest paying companies with biggest
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Wednesday and Sunday at 5 PM +2GMT ! Today’s lesson is sponsored by the Emirates
Wannabees Facebook group, getting you in touch with real Emirates flight attendants. It’s the only online community made of Emirates
cabin crew, ex emirates cabin crew and aspiring cabin crew helping each other. Join now, it’s free. Find the links down in the description. A disruptive passenger can be Unruly and/or
Unlawful. Unruly if the passenger commits “Acts against
AIRLINE RULES, compromising the safety of the aircraft, persons, property or good order
on board.” A disruptive passenger can be unlawful, if
he or she commits the same ACTS but not against ariline rules but against the PENAL LAWS OF
THE STATE. Breaching penal laws of the state is punishable
by law. Police will be waiting upon arrival for the
unlawful passenger, and the case will be brought to court. Unruly behaviors are: – Illegal consumption of narcotics
– Refusal to comply with safety instructions – Verbal and physical confrontation
– Uncooperative passenger refusing to follow instructions
– Making threats – Sexual abuse / harassment
– screaming, annoying behavior There are 4 levels of threat, disruptive passengers
may pose: Level 1 — Verbal Disruptive behavior;
Level 2 — Physically abusive behavior; Level 3 — Life-threatening behavior
Level 4 — Attempted or actual breach of the cockpit. Emirates follows the following procedure for
handling disruptive passengers: – The 4 Ds with the use of the traffic light
guide – Final Warning
– Restraint – Police on arrival This link in the upper right corner is our
MasterClass series on Joining Emirates! It’s FREE, it’ll always be FREE and it’s a
gold mine! Trust us.. Follow it from beginning to end! The 4 Ds is an Emirates method adopted for
intoxicated passengers who want to drink more only to become more intoxicated. 4 Ds stands for Delay, Dilute, Distract, Deny. You use this method for passengers displaying
mild intoxication. You firstly delay the passenger’s drink request. Then you dilute his drink. Only when the passenger shows heavier signs
of intoxication you start distracting him by talking about some random other topics. As a last resort, you may Deny the drink. This is done by the cabin supervisor, as passengers
tendentiously become aggressive at this stage. The 4 Ds method is used in conjunction with
the traffic light guide: 3 charts with 3 different colors to identify
the passenger’s level of intoxication. If the passenger is shouting foul words and
smells like alcohol, he falls within the red chart. You must immediately DENY alcohol. If a passenger is over friendly with red eyes
but stands okay, he’s probably border line between the green and yellow chart. You can delay and dilute drinks. The final warning can be issued by any crew
member on board. It usually needs approval by your seniors
but in case of obvious necessities you may issue it yourself and it goes like this: “On behalf of the captain, your behavior is
completely unacceptable, if it continues we may have to take further necessary actions
against you” The final warning should be issued if the
passengers behavior is unacceptable, and includes abusive bad words, harassment, physical contact
abuse towards crew or other passengers. No need for any permission in these cases. Here’s the trick in making the final warning
200% more powerful: Once you issue the final warning, go away
from the scene. Staying there won’t allow the disruptive passenger
to think at the consequences he might be facing. If you leave as soon as you issue the final
warning, the words you said will have larger impact, and he will stop! Your main objective is to successfully stop
the passenger from breaching rules without restraining him. Restraints are terrible, psychologically and
physically. They’re hard to do and a lot of people can
get injured. Try scaring him off with your words, leave
and let him think it through. He just might get scared enough to stop. If this doesn’t work, you may restrain the
passenger with at least 2 other crew members. Never go alone. One crew member from the front will be the
distraction, the other 2 crew members will plan the attack from behind and the three
together will finish the restraint. Emirates cabin crew members receive a restraint
training at the Emirates training college and learn several ways to take down bigger
individuals by hitting them on pressure points throughout the body. Emirates also provides a restraining kit on
board, this is used to tie wrists and ankles. Crew, also use extension seat belts to further
immobilize the disruptive passenger. As a final cherry on the cake, police will
be waiting at the arrival gate to take the passenger in custody and face penal disciplinary
actions that may not only ban the passenger from flying the airline ever again but also
serve prison time, depending on the breaches caused
on board. Always remember that you are an authority
on board. Your objective is to keep everyone safe, including
the aircraft and yourself. If anyone tries to compromise such safety,
you have the right and obligation to take him down to follow the rules. Now, that’s it for today’s video! We want to thank you for Watching till the
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