Межзвёздные войны. Сила пробуждается / Inter star wars. The awaking force (2015) [ENG SUB]

This scary story has begun very very long time ago. In one very very far universe has lived nation Jehi. They had unbelievable universe magic. They could understand it only with good marijuana. One day, in one family was happend something scary. Jehi named Kenny-kin began light saber massacre of all after long mockery from other Jehi. After 100% multikill of little town, he combined with group of rebels. They began to grab some of little villages. As result, they made maidan and destroyed government. After victory, Kenny-kin drunk too much of alcohol and became ill. Kenny-kin has slowly died, but nothing want it. His friend made for him super new live-costume BDSM-3000. After Kenny-kin was ruler of Jehi planet, he renamed self as Dart Verdus… oh… sorrry… Vade Dartus. (or just Kolya) After victory, Vade Dartus started to explore another plates. As result, he made the most dangerous gun in the universe… P*ssy anulus. Anothe name – star of perdition. It could grab and destroyed another planets. As result, the army of rebels wasn’t wanted policy of galaxy dictatorship. They wanted to to destroy Vade & his p*ssy… oh, sorry… his star. After 20 years of war, one hero discovered the weak point of star of perdition. He did suicide and destroyed this star. Jehi was happy. It was victory of rebels, but wasn’t defeat of F*ck… sorry… Dart… of Vade Dartus. At the last moment, he escaped from star and flew out. His space ship flew and flew. He f*cked & f*cked with it. One day, he arrived at planet Earth, but not in USA. His ship flew over Russian garbage by-place. And now the poorest Russian land is the place of galaxy battle. Fate of the universe will decide in overcrowded by condoms abandoned houses and flooded of shit collective farms. This battle of Vade Dartus and redneck russian alcoholics will be in all historical books. Sweaty chocolate man, Kazanskiy railway station prostitute, Shaurma’s sales, Old lady at bus station, True Japanese from Japan, Steven Spielberg Nothing made in this movie. Terra Studio Russia present INTER STAR WARS. The awaking force Cast: Sergey A. Artyom Tromskiy Daniil Andreev Andrey Gromov Pavel Velichestvenniy Evgeniy Mishukhin Eldar Bogunov Krolik Black Slavik Sex-mashine Yarik Slyusarchuk Random People See full cast and crew on IMDB. I am too lazy for translate all of them there. INTER STAR WARS. The awaking force You could to bought advertising at this place. I wait this day a few years. I opened good planet with intelligent life. I have only this ship & a few fighters. Maybe also this intelligent life will help me with revenge. They also have high technologies. I can watch all them information. So, let’s begin to look on them. – Sam said me, that you want to be woman.
– Yes, that’s true. I began to drink female hormones. Look at my boobs. If you really do it, I will go away. – That’s normal.
– You are stupid bastard. (letters “AY”)
– Stop! What’s you doing?
– I am making you to woman now. You are not true man. I need tru man!
(letters “Murder is bad!”) OMG! They are so stupid. So, I need upload resources at my ship and destroy a few villages. I want to kill something and destroy. I missed for it. So, I wile away the time. Where is my friend? I called and arranged with he yesterday. It’s very strange. What? What is this? OMG! Oh! Your motherf*cker! What it was? What it was? I don’t know what it was, but I must save my life and go out. Or something will kill me. It’s not easy to kill them. So, I will kill him later. What is it? Allo! Who are you? Sorry, but I have other work. Will you work later? So, I will work at your day and you will work at my day. Ok? Ok. Why does I make them? I want to go out from this work. What is it? What is it? I don’t know, what is it. I know, that it’s not from Earth. As result, militarists want to isolate me, or aliens want to kill me. I saw the movie “Signs”. I know, that bathroom is the most safe place in house. I will survive. Yes? The night came at Earth. Tomorrow, I will destroy them. Now, I kill some of them for training. Eldarius, help me! – What happened?
-Look! – How did you make it? Smoked?
– Yes.
– Stupid. Extinguishing the fire now! (letters: “Boobs.”) It’s bad. We need firemans. Smoke is the fire. Wow, good apricots. Brum-brum… Give me vodka. Brum-brum… Drink vodka! Look! Hey, who are you? I am your death. If you will drink vodka, you will die. – No!
– I think to close alcohol.
-Yes. No drink or death will arrive to you. What is this? Sh*t. It’s regular monotonous evening in this house. How I want. How I pray for Jesus for something fire, sparkle. Aliens! Aliens! I will sort it, my friend Stevenson… OMG! It’s explosion. The day began. It’s time for my fun. OMG, what is it? Escape who can! God. My house destroyed. I think, in city rescues can help me. God. City fully destroyed. Hey. You! I don’t know, who are you, but I am calling you for last battle now. I want to revenge you. Come on! Go to me! Hm. So, I sit in the ship too long time. It’s time to fight hand to hand. My costume has invisible function. You will not escape from me! You will not escape from me! You will not escape from me! Your last wish! F*ck you! Ah! You damaged my costume! I will revenge you! No. It’s not ending. I must end this. Get from me what you wanted, bastard. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! NOOOOOOOOOOOO! God! This is the end! It would be better if I wasn’t went at this planet. I will revenge. I WILL REVENGE! Inter star wars. The awaking force Cast: Volodya – Sergey A. Vade Dartus – Sergey A. Artyom – Artyom Tromskiy Corpse – Andrey Gromov Citi habitants/Yarik – Yarik Slyusarchuk Evgeniy – Evgeniy Mishukhin Daniil – Daniil Andreev Man in house#1 – Pavel Velichestvenniy Man in house#2 – Slavik Sex-mashina Krolik – Krolik Black (archive footage) El – Eldar Bogunov (archive footage) Footage from “Star wars 4”. See full cast and crew on IMDB. Inter star wars 2 Maybe THE END

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  1. Визуальные эффекты местами лучше чем те, которые добрались до трейлера. Да и вообще очень неплохо вышло.

  2. Спецэффекты на высшем уровне Звездные войны меркнут на фоне их

  3. Это шедевр по сравнению диснеевской блевоты с детским контентом, а местами даже превосходит.

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