Лютые Квалы на Major (NAVI APEX Bootcamp Vlog)

Our 10-day bootcamp ahead of the Major qualifiers has started. It’s our third day here, and we are ready for the season. We were delighted to find out there’s going to be 12 LANs this year, and maybe we’ll even have to skip some to prepare better for others. It’s great when you have a choice and the scene is active. We’re excited for this year. The format is good: it’s not just a league as in other titles. I think it’s better this way as you have scheduled events and you can commit your watch time if you are a fan. In the case of a league that lasts for a month, you get tired of watching the same games. How it really happened. We came here, downloaded Realm Royale and Tarkov, and started practicing. After a while, we downloaded Apex Legends, played some boring scrims with Realm Royale between them. That’s how we roll here: we run a game, get pushed, we kill them, get pushed again, we kill them again. We get angry, push ourselves and get killed. They aim at the head. Kirill, are you dead? That’s cringy. What song did we sing? Which kind of music do you listen to? Okay, you are playing Open qualifiers, you have to warm up, what music do you have in your head? That monkey. What music do you have on your phone? There was a song “don’t bet on NAVI”. “Do you believe me or not? There was also a Dima Bilan song because Nikita and I used to listen to it a lot. I’ve added Eminem’s new track as well. Something about learning. What was that? Teamplay. We expect a lot of violations, considering it’s the first qualifier and there are a lot of mechanical exploits available in-game. There are rules that might be overlooked, out of bounds glitch, cheating. Cheating is really an issue so we expect some in first rounds, maybe even in the finals. We expected a direct invite, however, an open qualifier is a chance to prove you’re good. No anti-cheat in the game is a bit worrying though. Anyway, we’re not gonna play fairly either as we’re now practicing Bloodhound, Caustic. We will be tracking cheaters with Bloodhound, and catching them off guard. Caustic… You trap them, and they don’t understand what happens. Cheats get automatically turned off. We’re supposed to do well, but we are not guaranteed to avoid unnecessary upsets. There are about 20 top teams in EU, and we can get matched up against the best ones. Or maybe some other unknown teams can do something unexpected, thus ruining our and their own game. I don’t see any big names. Anyway, anyone can deliver – we’ve been through this already. Yesterday they got killed by some no names that are supposed to go down 1v3. Guys, don’t underestimate anyone. We will probably get jumped at, so we will do everything we can to survive. We’ll do everything to stay alive. Guys, where is my Logitech G keyboard? What’s up Stas? Getting ready to smash some kids who just came from school to play Apex. We just came back from school, too. I’m watching them. – Behind! – Knock. – Wraith close by. Pathfinder cracked. -150. 200 damage on him. Wattson 1 HP. Who dies first, gets this. Did you break it? Are you crazy? That’ll happen to you. – Place the dome on the roof. – Going up. Flank! One enemy! Wattson and Pathfinder 1 HP. – Healing up. – I’m reviving you. – I need to reload. – Got it. Make some noise. Nikita, let’s talk about your problem. 15 games, Stas. 15! 15 hours of gameplay. 3 hours in, I ask Kirill to let me have a break to eat go out for a walk because I can’t go on like that. What do you feel? I’m tired, I’ve already played three games, and now I need to eat, but they won’t let me. They say: you won’t be able to play after you eat. This is what pro player’s life is about. How many games do you have to play? Not in the whole life, just today. – Around 12. – Hours? – Games. Considering breaks, crashes it’s around 12 hours, so we’ll finish at 5 a.m. We’ll have 5 hours to sleep before we start the next round. It’s awful, I want it to end. How do you want to solve this issue? I don’t know, our coach sometimes shoots better than me, I think we can come up with something. – Incoming! – I’ll ult, can you get out? – 50 more! I’m knocked. I’m going inside. Can you? Tell me you if can’t. I need your call, whether you can do it. 8 frags. – 8? – Yes. – It’s good. We did the right thing, but miscommunication got in the way. It’s okay, nothing bad happened. – I’m down. – Can you get back? – Need help. – Going through the first floor. – I’m here. Wraith here, I need help. 2 enemies here. – Are you coming? – No, I’m getting revived. Enemy spotted. Take this position. Wraith knocked. Okay, Lyoha, you lost your bet, you have to go to McDonald’s. Now I know how to motivate you. Nikita got 9 kills. 844 damage. Stas, 70% of your content is some cringe stuff. I know. Wraith! Wattson. – Down. – This is the last one. He is still knocked. – Roof. – I got him. I’m tagged, they’re committing. – I’m on the roof. – Gibra 100. Had no other option. It’s okay. Good job. – Not many, right? – About 10. – No, fewer than 10. – We should’ve pushed earlier. – Yeah, while he was solo. Knocked, last. No, two more. Wraith second floor. – I got knocked. – Okay. Pathfinder 100. He’s on me. 1v1. Come on, come on! Nice one! Well done. He died while sliding. Did you see it? – Did you see me dodge it? – That was wicked. – They just went in. – Behind you, Kirill. – Going back. – I’m tagged. – Gibra 100. Should’ve checked them at the end before pushing and engage as three. That was probably the same squad we bumped into as we entered the portal. – We should’ve taken care of our back first. – We wouldn’t be able to fully control it as there were too many squads incoming. We let them have high ground and gave them the upper hand. – Ready, ready. – Wraith, Wattson inside! – Healing up! – Okay. – I’m not there. – We’re gonna get pushed. – Don’t play in too deep. – Follow me. – 1, 2, go! – Push, push! Two knocked. Low! Wattson low. Caustic pushing in. He’s low. Guys, how about we go out and take a breather? This is the main threat of this qualifier – too many lower tier teams and you don’t know what to expect from all of them. That’s Open Qualifier for you. With 600 teams competing – it was 300 at first, but then they increased to 600 – it is obvious that having so few games to play to advance into the next round, there’s always a huge risk that things might go south. – Wattson 150. – Roger that. – Knocked her. – Good job. – I’m pushing through. – Throwing nades. – I’m healing up. – Me too. Pathfinder 1. Can’t get out! Wraith 1 HP. – Killed them all! – Nice one! Enemy here! Going to safe. I’m okay now. One cracked. Knocked him. Now take your time and get revived. One of them knocked. – Going to heal. – Copy that. – Can you? – Flank, behind you! 100! Two enemies! Both lit for 100, one knocked! – We got ultied. – Dome is up! – Killed him. – This squad is down. – More, 100! – They ultied, go back, go back. They took our spot. – 30. – Wattson 1. – Good. Okay, got it. You simply killed it on the ridge. It was all about that knock. – How many kills we got? – We’re top 3. – 6 kills? – Yes. We’re through for sure. A lot of really good teams: Reciprocity, Fnatic, Singularity, Unknown, another Singularity roster, Vexed, Samsung. – 3 spot. – 13. – Could be higher. Might be 4. We’re in top 10 and that’s good. They took 6th place with 0 kills. Hold on, let’s make it look as if we’ve just signed a deal. With a third wheel hanging around. Fellas, the lobby’s up. Lyoha, walk us through what happened yesterday in the open qualifiers. It been as tough as we expected so far, really. You know, 3 games isn’t actually enough for teams to display their skill. However, those that were supposed to go though, did it. Except for big names such as G2, Winstrike, and so on. I think it could’ve be any team. It was really a tough day. We’re all set for today and in high spirits. We believe we can make it to the finals and show what we’re fully capable of there. The new Warcraft patch is out so I gotta test it first. Some Russian rap to get in the zone. I thought if it’s going to be the same as in drill, it’s better to stick around the edge of the zone and not playing for placement. You gotta understand it’s already over. – There’s always a lot kills to pick up on the edge. – Exactly. – Okay, boys, just don’t bite off more than you can chew. – I’m going to do that on purpose. Just went in. Push, go, go. – Gibra 100. – Pushing in. Wattson 100, too! 1 HP on me. Wattson 1 HP. – Ult is on. – 100 on him. – Try to retreat. Hopefully I don’t get spotted from this angle. The ring’s probably gonna shrink on me, so I’ll get more points for placement. – We got 3 now, right? – Yes. You can’t. You can’t finish Gibra and make it in time. Told you. Wattson 1 HP. Caustic low! – Wraith on the left. – He’s low! Reloading. Wattson 1 HP. Wraith 1 HP. I’m not with you. Wraith 1 HP. – Killed two! – Two down. – Caustic last. I didn’t record it. Neither did I. Well, you guys saw it. As long as Lyoha did, it’s okay. Even though I’m not into Apex, I like the videos and the guys are nice. This is the first positive comment I’ve read on our channel and I’m even going to reply to it. – Gonna go with, “Thank you.” – Thank you for being with us. – Nikita, are you going to pick Crypto? – Yes, it’s coming now. I’m Crypto. I picked Wattson. Wattson down. I got killed by another squad. – Gibra here. – Going up. – Knocked another one. – Gibra on 10 HP. – Got it. – Can you finish him? – No. We should’ve shut down the backlines to safeguard ourselves from Fnatic – there was a spot right behind you. You should’ve committed to that Gibra as it’d give us two frags. We should’ve cleared above to take control of that area. I messed up here: I used my ultimate and died. It’s nearly 1 a.m, why is your team not playing, Alexey? What are we doing here? Group 1 keeps crashing, so we’re waiting for our opponents to finish. Our group is done. Luckily, it went smooth without any crashes. We’re in standby mode. Kirill, what’s up with the Gambit’s player nickname? We played 1v1 and I won his nickname. I said I could let him have it but he preferred this one, and speaking of which, I was the one who came up with it. So that’s his handle from now on whereas I get to keep Gambit.Sunset. I think we’ve been here for about 3 hours now, could you recap what went down today? We played 3 games and just chilled for the rest of the day. What did the admins tell you? They said the finals are rescheduled as Group 1 keeps crashing, so we’re stuck here waiting since our group is already wrapped. You got tickets for tomorrow, what are you gonna do? No idea. We’ll see when the finals are announced and figure it out from there.

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    emo143: Ты фантастически красивый, я просто хуею с твоих черт лица и особенно улыбкаааа… я слежу за тобой с самого начала, ну не прям так слежу, ну короч не суть, вот так смотрю на тебя и мне кажется , что ты как будто не в ту жизненную тарелку попал, ты как будто в заперти и боишься выйти, кажется ты должен ходить по клубам бухать гулять и тд , прости если хуйню несу , я вообще хз почему решил тебе написать ну пох!Ну ты прям сосочный , делай больше фоток и улыбайся тебе очень идёт

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